Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Fine. I'll tell you about my 10 Week Challenge.

OK, here's the deal. I'm newly 40. I'm fairly attractive. But, I want to be a MILF (pardon my French). Some of my girlfriends and I started a 10 Week Challenge to get our bodies looking Sex-ay for Summer. Or at least be able to play at the beach with our kids without wearing a cover up. Today begins Week Two of our challenge.

My friend Kelly already looks like a smokin' hot mama, but she sees room for improvement. Whatever. She's a girl with some serious willpower. Kelly eats her low-cal, high fiber, low fat, sensible meals throughout the day. And she exercises. And she doesn't snack. Ever! Get this: Her husband brought home take out for dinner and Kelly went upstairs to watch TV so she wouldn't be tempted to eat it. I kinda hate her. Seriously, she works hard holding our group accountable.

My challenge is more about getting healthy than anything. My heart does stupid racing things and I have to take medicine for it. I have a five year old son who deserves parents who are fit and active and fun. I would like to live a good long time and see my baby's babies grow up. I need to take this seriously.

Here are my objectives:

1. Replace One Meal with a Salad Each day.

2. Run/Walk/Get My Blood Pumping/Exercise 3 Days a Week.

3. Do Floor Exercises/Strength Training 3 Days a Week.

4. No Eating After 7:00 PM.

5. Eliminate Sugar From Diet.

6. Get Good Sleep.

The Good Sleep thing is gonna be a toughie for me. I'm a working mom (unlike you moms who don't do a darned thing all day long) (of course you stay-at-home-moms do know I'm just kidding, right?) and after the family is in bed, I like to enjoy some special time. Alone.

But, I can do this. Oh, yes. I can. And you get to watch me.

If looking at Sassy's tonsils yesterday wasn't enough, I am posting my "before" photos for your viewing pleasure. (It's very important that you keep in mind I did not wear this outfit in order to make a fashion statement. It's to show off what I need to fix, if you get my drift.)

OK, deep breath. It aint pretty, my friends. Baby got back.

Yep. That's me. Don't I have a nice pedicure though?

And just for fun (and so you can know I am truly not hideous), here is a picture of me and a few of my sisters. From right to left it's Sister Big, me, Sister Sassy and Sister Redd. (Now aren't they just the prettiest things you ever did see?)

Now, promise me if you catch me snacking on a little somethin'-somethin' you'll smack it right out of my hand. OK? Thanks. See you at the weigh-in.

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Pedaling said...
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Pedaling said...

you have a very fun & original blog. I like it.

I just started my own little diet journey (blog style) myself, you'll have to check it out.

Good Luck.

Sister Sassy said...

Ok, good luck. I'll start holding you accountable for excercise.

Today when I went to the dr. for them look at my FREAKISHLY big tonsils I got to see that I have gained about 10-12 lbs since the summer. YAY! NOT! but I did schedule a physical for Feb 1 so I can watch to see if I make progress. I have a few weeks now and as soon as my antibiotic kicks the sinus infection out of my head I'll start running away the lbs.

Martha said...

Ooohhhh....I should be joining you, sister friend. I'm pushin' maximum density over here at Elizabeth Hill.

I'm going to start slow, though. This week I'm going to go for 2 walks. Baby steps, right?

saintseester said...

I just restarted Weight Watchers (online) version to help me journal and stay on track. I just get the lazies when it is time to go out and exercise! Good luck! I wanna be a MILF too.

Sister Sassy said...

Ok ladies, lets all check in here to say how we're doing each week when she posts her weekly recap.

Ashlee said...

Good Luck! And don't get discouraged. I've had my own battles as I have absolutely NO metabolism (I'm not kidding either) so I'm ALWAYS on a diet. Sigh. But there are some really fun things our there to eat that arent' bad for you but taste oh so good!
I'll be rooting for you!

Anonymous said...

MILF LOL - I'm with ya there ... and I'm on ww's so I'll be fab. and 40 in July .... I need to do a blog to document my journey...

Emilie said...

I think you are a MILF....If I were a man, I would be all over that...hehe

RachieRoo said...

Don't I just have the prettiest aunts/mom around? I think so...

Pedaling said...

K, Sister you are in and i'm in, if that makes any sense.

No sugar this week (every other day, at least) and lots of water.

Traci said...

Sister Honey Bunch,

I personally think you are already a hot mama but I am totally pulling for you to accomplish great things on your 10-week challenge. I assure you that if I see you snacking on something I will take it out of your hand (and eat it myself... :)

If you figure out the good sleep, let me know, I have sleep issues, mainly because I'm freakishly neurotic and can't seem to stop obsessing about various things, but maybe you will find the secret to a good nights sleep!

Sister Sassy said...

Traci, wow- I am an obsessor as well. I think I spelled that wrong. But anyway, my little secret is the BBC. It always puts me to sleep. Tune to 91.5 and from 10pm-5am you can listen to the drone of lovely British voices.

Sister Honey Bunch said...


I will let you know if I learn the trick.

sister big said...

The secret to sleep? A glass of wine silly.

Jim said...

You go Sister Honey Bunch! You better keep us all up to date now that you have told us your challenge. Just remember if you fall off the horse, get right back on.
And you do look great already sis, I mean it! But is the real motivation you or how good you'll look on the boat? ;)