Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Mid Week Check In

Ok People! This is our 8 Week Challenge Mid Week Check in. I find it helpful when I'm trying to accomplish things to access assess mid-week to see where I am.

So far, today is Wednesday and I've run every day I was able. Which was just Monday and Tuesday so far. Monday's run was amazing. I woke up feeling refreshed, ran my 2 miles (which is what I try to do). Its not much, but its a start for a girl who is a novice runner...and when I say run, I mean jog. It was an excellent run and felt like I'd freebased happiness and energy. I always feel like that after a good run, I hop around the office, jumping and trying to touch the ceiling.. its quite funny.

Now Tuesday was another story. I was so tired, JimmyEW had worked late and then watched a bit of the basketball game in bed since Aquanetta's 7 year old was asleep on the couch. When it was time to wake up I kept hitting snooze. Then JimmyEW hit the Sleep button, which turned on NPR and canceled out the alarm. Thankfully I woke myself up in time to get up, grab my stuff and get out of the house in time to get to the treadmill a little after 6:30.

So I ran... and I ran at first with my eyes half closed. So tired was I. I decided that I had to at least make it to a mile. As I neared the end of my first mile I moved to my next goal, I had to make it through the next three songs-No Rain, It's My Life and Sugar High.

As I dragged along I pretended I was running with Kspin, her cute little pigtails and with the pink bows beside me (pictured right...stolen from her blog), encouraging me to keep going. Jon Bon Jovi was telling me to live life my way, which to me is to be strong and healthy, and I finally perked up.

My pace steadied and I upped my speed, I could feel the muscles working and the sweat dripping. I looked and I was 2 tenths of a mile away from my two mile mark. I could do 2 tenths of a mile. I texted JimmyEW "I'm gonna do this"...and yes I can text and run at the same time...for the most part. And I did do it. Woo hoo!

Thursday's run hasn't happened since its only Wednesday right now, but I promise you I'll be running.

I also stuck to my One Sweet a Day rule, although I discovered that I need to reserve that one sweet for the end of the day when I want and need it the most. Monday I had mine during lunch, so after dealing with Kiki, who was being a total pill, and looking defeated at my messy house... I really wanted chocolate.

I sent a little email to my bloggy friend Jane and moaned about how I wanted it, how I needed it, how I had to had to have it and asked her how she was doing with her goals. I told her I was going to run Tuesday morning and if I didn't she was welcome to shame me. She emailed back that I needed to save the sweets for tomorrow. And I did. Having a buddy to hold you accountable..and you readers too of course, is very helpful.

Sistah HB's Update:
I'm still bruised and battered from my
humiliating fall last week which was the motivation for our Let's Get Fit 8 Week Challenge. But I ain't letting that, or my in-cred-ble cramps stop me this time.

I'm rocking the healthy eating. My tummy feels flatter. That makes me happy. I haven't actually done a "true" workout, but I did spend 2 hours playing with my kid outside. I have sore muscles in my throwing arm to prove how hard we played.

So good!

So everyone, tell me how you are doing? Last Friday many of you put in the comments things you wanted to accomplish. Have you started? Have you been able to stick with it? Or did you fall off the wagon, knock out some teeth and lay defeated on the road? If you are currently laying in the middle of a dirt road watching the wagon move on without you, get up! Its only Wednesday and you can still salvage your week. It's not too late! Get up and go! And if you stayed on that wagon, good for you, keep going and let us know how great you feel on Friday.

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Anonymous said...

Rock on Sassy! I have to say I've done very well this week too, and I'm even out of town. Normally when I travel I pack way too many workout clothes and rarely even work out. This time, I didn't pack enough. I wore dirty socks, handwashed the sports bra. I did it 4 times in 5 days and I ain't done yet! Saving the chocolate for the end of the day is my little trick too. It gives us something to look forward to as we deny ourselves other things throughout the day. We'll be ready for that 5k. Find us one we can all do together okay? I really enjoyed your other post too; I never knew that story. I hate that cult for those very reasons. But, it can't keep us down.

Anonymous said...

Great job!

I've been trying to get up and run before work. Because I have to be there so early, it means waking up at around 5:00am, which is just TOO EARLY! I skipped it on Monday, but got my runs in on Tuesday and today. If I can get three more in by Sunday, I'll be a happy girl!

Valarie Lea said...

Ok, so I like fell of the wagon that same day. I felt bad all weekend for doing that. So Monday was a new day and I picked back up on eating healthy, exercise notso much yet. I am working on that though. I will do it!!!

Britni said...

I've got kind of the same goals... workout and eat less sweets. I'm doing pretty good so far but need to get into the running side of things. It's the only way I get back in shape. Thanks for the reminder.

Ashlee said...

So glad you asked Honey Bunch! :0)

I have exercised three times this week {so far}, and eaten SORT OF better. My meals are more like "everything in moderation" because if I completely deprive myself of something I then cave and gorge, which completely defeats the purpose. :0) Anyway, lost three pounds so far! I started last week after you posted your first mention of this. Now, only ten more to go! :0)

Ashlee said...

BTW...Sassy, your exercising amazes me. Two miles? I can only make it a mile. :0) I'm a wimp.

And Honey Bunch...playing with the kids is my favorite form of exercise, and sometimes the best workout! :0)

I posted a Strawberry Mousse recipe on my recipe blog a couple weeks back. It only has 2 grams of fat per serving {I use fat free Cool Whip} and is super yummy! It's a nice sweet treat without the guilt! You can omit the fresh strawberries if you don't have them on hand. The mousse is great alone too!

Sister Sassy said...

Looks like people are doing fine, yay Big,
Jen-5am is WAY TOO EARLY,
Val-you go!
Prof-same here. Running seems to help. I know if I do it for two weeks I'll see a difference

Ash-strawberry...yummy!! Ash, when I first started running I started with 10 minutes my first day, the next day I did 20, the day after that I was at 30 and saw that I was almost to two miles. Yes, I run slow. So I make it a rule I run two miles. If I am short on time I'd run 1 miles as fast as I could...which wasn't that fast. I find when I run faster I feel my muscles differently. So I always try to go fast at the end.

Anonymous said...

Ok, everytime I see that pic of me I feel the need to do some squats! lol! Maybe this will be my motivation.

I have been good about adding veggies this week, but sadly, this will be the first day I do crunches. But I WILL do them, I swear! :)

Good job with the running Sassy!

Victoria said...

I never posted my goals but I made some. I don't really want to be hawt, just healthy so mine were a bit different. My first was no eating after 8 pm (I tend to snack). This didn't work because 2 out 3 nights I had dinner after 8:30. One night I successfully did no snacking though. My second thing was to wear makeup every day. This was supposed to be a mental boost for me and because I feel sorry for my co-workers having to see my blotchy face. 2 out 3 days I made it. My third thing was to eat breakfast every day. So far I am 3 for 3 thanks to instant oatmeal. My last thing was to floss daily. I used to be flossing queen until I had TLP and then oral hygiene went out the window. It is SOO important to your overall health blah blah blah. I am 0 for 3. I need to start flossing at work again. If I wait before bed I am too beat. If anyone out there is a dental hygienist you are welcome to lecture me.

Sorry for the book!