Tuesday, January 1, 2008


We are close as two sisters can be. We also have a lot of differences, which we have learned to embrace. Because that's the way we roll.

By visiting our favorite blogs, you will find just how different we can be. You'll see Liberal Leaning Mamas, Christian Conservative Moms, Humor Blogs, Entertainment Blogs, Fashion and Decorating Blogs. Blogs that will teach you something and blogs that will just make you happy.

Now go show these people some bloggy love. They deserve it.

Blogger Love Fest
Ask Ninja
Big Mama
Boo Mama
Dr. Melissa Clouthier
Fish wihout Bicycle!
Frog and Toad are Still Friends
Genesis Moments
Home Star Runner
Jane the Sane
Melz Midnight Brew - wonderful mom of many kids!
Milk Breath and Margaritas
Ministry So Fabulous
Music Genome Project
Nesting Place
Oh, The Joys
Sarcastic Mom
Shamelessly Sassy
She Just Had to Say It
Take 90 West
The Chapel Prayer Post
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