Wednesday, January 16, 2008

My Life With Out Cable: Part One

So Darling Dear and I got rid of cable. We decided we wanted to spend more time time sitting and staring into each others eyes or writing poetry. Lol, but really, the expense just wasn't merited. So we canceled and because we live in the Hobbit Hole our bunny ears only get NBC, CBS, PBS and ABC if you squint. Now I can't be expected to just sit and do nothing on nights when Darling Dear is working so I get things to watch from Netflix, a mere $16 a month!

So as I go through my series I'll give you a little review of what I'm watching.

This month has been Firefly.

Firefly was created by Writer/Director Joss Whedon who also did Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel. When you think Firefly think Space Cowboys with hearts of gold. This series only ran for one season but had such a hardcore fanbase that after it was canceled they came out with the movie Serenity to wrap up what the series left out.

Meet Malcome Reynolds, Outlaw smuggler captain of the Serenity and former Sargeant in the war between the Alliance and the Independents. He was on the losing side and Serenity starts around 6 years after the war.

Zoe is his first mate as she was in the war with him and always calls him Captain. She is totally sassy, she fights, slings pistols, is smart and funny and totally hot. She's married to Wash, who she didn't like when she first met him. He pilots Serenity and adores her to no end.

Jane, who is your shiftless no good back stabbing pig stealing hornball jerk. He's likable because he's super funny but he'd sell his mother if the price was right. Occassionally his conscious creeps in on him and you can see him struggling to cope with the feelings of guilt that are not something he's used to.

Kaylee is a cute downhomey girl who is a wiz machanic, good hearted and has a serious crush on the Doctor.

Inara who "rents" space in the ships pod and is a registered companion which is essentially a very high class call girl but more respectable and sought after. There are sparks that fly between her and Mal quite a bit.

Simon, the Doctor and River, his sister. They are what often ends up complicating the lives of the crew of Serenity. Simon enters as a wealthy doctor looking for transport. You find out that he recued his sister from an elite school of sorts and is now wanted by the Alliance. She is a very psychologically damaged girl and he tries to figure out what happened to her so he can help treat her. Their relationship is very loving and you come to undestand that he gave up his whole life to try to save his little sister.

Shephard Book is the Preacher Man. He's funny, knows more about politics, guns and such than you would expect someone living in an abbey to know. There is more to him, but I'm not sure what yet because I have two more episodes to watch and I need to rewatch the movie Serenity. Beside I wouldn't tell you because that would ruin it for you.

Serenity is well writen, the charecters are compelling and the dialogue is really funny. It's good men (and women) in hard times still doing what is right because its right. Its a shame it only lasted one season.


4 of 5 stars.

some sexual situations

partial nudity (like the side of an ass or a bare back)

Violence...lots of it but not gory.

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