Sunday, February 3, 2008


We're having us some football here at the house of Honey Bunch. Sassy and I had intended to have our first monthly Sisters of a Different Order business meeting tonight while the guys watched the game and the kids played like angels.

Instead we had a couple "come to Jesus" meetings with those kids, a meeting in the time out corner, a meeting of how best to get three kids to quit screaming and a meeting at the liquor cabinet. Sassy's been here for two hours and we have been on-topic for approximately a minute and a half. We're going to throw in the towel and go watch Project Runway and some Super Bowl Commercials

On the menu tonight:
Nachos with Jalepenos
Nachos without Jalaepenos.
Cheese and Crackers
Some other Mexican fattening snack
Pizza rolls for the loud kids
Ice cream for the loud kids
Beer and more Beer
Smirnoff and more Smirnoff
Diet Coke and more Diet Coke

See ya'll tomorrow!
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Ashlee said...

Sounds like it was a rather productive evening. :0)

Honey Bunch is my hero said...

I am thrilled to hear that your dad is doing so well! He is adorable!

Superbowl Sunday sounded like a blast! I am impressed that you are having a monthly Sisters crack me up! :) That is so you, Honey Bunch!

Anonymous said...

Go Giants! I like the idea of a sister meeting. And what meeting is complete without Diet Coke and Smirnoff. :)

Jen of A2eatwrite said...

Sounds like my kind of business meeting!

Brother Jimmy Eat World said...

Sister HB, you wouldn't know what to do if those nephews of yours behaved!
And the Nachos Rocked Hard!!!