Friday, February 29, 2008

Dude, Let's Fight Some Frump.

It's Fight The Frump Friday sponsored by Fussy! This week we're turning it over to the experts: My girlfriends. I asked a few of them to share with me their Tried and True beauty secrets. And they did. Because they're nice.

Pretty Amanda loves these Bath Ice Creams "I LOVE these bath ice creams. I just can't say enough good things about them. After you use one your skin is luxuriously soft!"

My Girl Kelly
loves her some Neutrogena Sesame Oil "Every time you get out of the shower, slather all over body, your skin will be softer than a baby's. Also slather all over bare legs in summer for a gorgeous sheen." (Go check out her business website here)

Funny Jenn wonders "Is it sad that my beauty tip involves making it so I only have "a few zits" instead of having my face covered with them? The thing I've shared before about a free and clear cleanser, followed by benzoyl peroxide and AHA moisturizer." (Check out Jenn's really cool Kids Craft site here)

My Girl Kelly is back with more tips to share. We all look to her for advice on all things beauty and fashion. Because she's our guru.
"Another one: get highlights and Crest White Strips. Everyone can benefit from shinier brighter hair and whiter teeth."

Theresa, the Dancing Queen "OK, so my one can't live without product is
Lubriderm lotion. It works great on the face and body... and it is a wonderful make-up remover. I love Mary Kay eye make-up remover, but if I'm out (like now) then a cotton ball w/Lubriderm swiped across the lash does nearly as well."

My Hero Christa: "I love
Aveeno Skin Brightener with SPF. Makes my face really soft and gives some nice sun proof coverage even in the winter!"

Hey, Kelly's back again! Isn't she nice? "Only wash your hair every 2nd or 3rd day - it will be much healthier. The less you wash it, the less greasy it gets .... the first week you might notice it greasy etc but the second week you'll start to notice that it stays cleaner longer and longer between washings. My hair dresser convinced me to try it -- it took about 2 weeks of "icky" feeling but now I can easily go every 3 days without it getting greasy. (I shower daily mind you - sometimes twice a day! so don't think I'm dirty."

Alison the Hottie: "
GOOD JEANS make all the difference. It might not be your typical "beauty" treatment, but damn, do I feel sexy in my good jeans!"

Sweet Shelly: "I'm pretty plain Jane when it comes to products. I've always taken my makeup off with water and washcloth and apply Vaseline lotion after each shower and petroleum jelly on my lips at night. I might have to try a few of the above mentioned though." (Tom does the same thing every night!)

Too Cool for School Kristn: "Using blush for eyeshadow. I use
Physician's Formula Blushing Glow Mineral Blush. It can be used as a primer for putting on the rest of your eyeshadow, or alone for natural, but polished, look. Just put a touch on your blush brush and apply over the entire lid. (That's all I've got on in the pic below, btw...well, that and a bit of dark eyeshadow on the eyebrows...well, and the lipstick, but we're not really talking about lipstick)"

Best-Hair-Evah Danielle: "I only wash my hair every other or every 2 days as well - if I wash more often it gets very dry. That plus my
Pantene conditioner and a huge round brush (like, really huge) while blow drying makes my hair shiny, manageable, have no frizz and lots of body. (I don't do this every single time out of laziness, but it makes the biggest difference evah when I do.)

As for makeup, I use 3 items after my moisturizer - mineral makeup (a must for me!), nude or nearly-nude lip color and mascara. Less is more for a fresh, clean and natural look. And then I swear by the Hope in a Jar
moisturizer by Philosophy." (Go check out her web and print design biz here)

Sweet Marysia: "I wish I had a lot to share but
Aveeno Daily Moisturizing Lotion for the body. It says it moisturizes for 24 hours and it sure does."

Look who's back! It's Kelly with a big ol' Fashion DON'T:

"From Would you pay $3,600 to walk on your tippy-toes? Victoria Beckham already has a pair of these Antonio Beradri 5-and-a-half-inch heel-less heels in snakeskin, while Gwyneth Paltrow and Uma Thurman purchased a patent leather version at the bargain price of $2,200, according to the Daily Mail. An open request: If you see these leading ladies wearing this latest investment, buy them a cocktail, grab a camera and call us!

You wish you had friends like mine, don't you?

Well, head back over to Fussy's for more Fight The Frump fashion help.

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Domestic Spaz said...

What a perfect idea! Enlisting the help of your friends to fight the frump is genius! I need to follow more than one of these tips, too. ;) Especially the one about highlights... I'm so long overdue I scare myself.

dcrmom said...

OMG those SHOES! Yikes!!!!!

And I am in TOTAL agreement about the great jeans. More than one pair is essential. ;-)

HRH said...

This was really fun. I just picked up some of those bath ice cream things yesterday, but haven't tried them out...can't wait.

Those shoes, what in the heck? That is seriously crazy.

Sister Sassy said...

YOu have to be kidding me about those shoes! That is so stupid. It reminds me of women who have surgery on their feet. HB we need to do a post about when people take the de-frumping WAY TOO FAR

Tamra said...

Wow, way to enlist your peeps to do the work! Love it. But those shoes... Somebody stop the madness.

Valarie said...

Read your sisters story first, and it was really cute. So the shoes, I wonder what would happen if you gave whoever is wearing those hideous things a little push. Do you think they would topple over?

Ashlee said...

I would be falling flat on my face in those shoes. Often. :0)

Melody said...

You're a little tricky, yourself! I LOVE the idea of asking your friends to pass on their favorite beauty tips! I need to check out more than one of those items!

The shoes: I'm sure that if I had a pair, (assuming that I could learn to walk in them), that I would have the MOST amazing calf/leg muscles in the world. Of course, what good is having amazing legs when everyone is LAUGHING at you?

They're quite, um... not cute.

Amy said...

What great tips!

What stupid shoes!

Dre the Texican said...

Hello you. Well, I am queen of the slutty shoe, and while I could totally walk well in these shoes, they are complete hideosity! Part of the sexiness is the heel, duh! My Sperminator loves it when I wear heels (90% of the time that he sees me wearing shoes, I am wearing dangerously high heels), but I know it's because the heel just looks vicious and evil. He doesn't care about the actual SHOE part. This is madness! It's illogical. Bring back the sexy (by not wearing these shoes).

Oh, and I love your post with all the different tips. Genius.

Jen said...

I just cannot get over those shoes. Seriously--can people actually walk in them???

DaisyBug said...

Ok - those shoes - get SERIOUS! Definitely a pick for people with more money than brains and definitely with Nannies who can chase their rug rats!

Jen of A2eatwrite said...

I'm glad your friends are so much more sensible than Posh. Their tips I'd use any day. Hers? Not so much...

Beck said...

Those are the stupidest shoes I have ever, ever seen. Your list was so much more sensible...

Connie said...

You have very informative friends!!

Thanks for all of the tips!

Those shoes suck!

Heather said...

Yep, I'll vouch for only washing your hair every 2-3 days. It's great and I use less styling products!

And those shoes.... ugh!