Sunday, February 24, 2008

People I Dig.

Today I decided to organize my blogs into separate folders in Google reader (God bless the Google Reader creator and all her offspring). There are so many excellent ones that I look forward to reading every morning with my first cup of coffee. And, really. There needs to be some order to the madness.

I came across a few that were kinda bringing me down. So I weeded them out like a bad toxic friend. Just like the cool chicks said I should.

The blogs I kept are a-freaking-mazing (and there are a-freaking-lot of them too). They make me think, make me laugh, make me strive to be a better person.

I decided to share some of my favorites with you today. Because I'm nice that way.

Make me laugh my ass off:
The Binky Bitch
Attack of the Redneck Mommy
Shamelessly Sassy
My Tiny Kingdom
Bringing Up Mary

Cool Home Related Chicks:
Martha, Martha, Martha
Cutie Patootie Nester

Lysa Terkeurst
Beth Moore
For my Catholic Peeps
My Sistah Seven

Working Moms Rawk!
Milk Breath and Margaritas
Oh The Joys
Memories and Musings of a Mommy
Chased by Children

Mommy Blogs
The Home Team Wins
Chatting at the Sky
Our BBFF Ashlee

Musings of a Housewife
Rotten Correspondent
Genesis Moments

My All Time Favorites
Rachel Lucas
Dr. Melissa

Big Mama
Boo Mama
Frog and Toad are still Friends

And just for fun, here's what a crabby five year old looks like when he doesn't like the answer he just got.
Dude. Are you still here? Go check those blogs out. Sheeesh.

What's that? You want to comment? Just click on the itty-bitty words below that say "Gimme Some Sugar". Can you see them? Good. We can't wait to chat with you.

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Amy said...

Hey girl - thanks for the linky love!

You have some listed here that I have not yet visited and I'm sore afraid to cause I'm sure they are gems and if I add one more thing to my Reader it will explode!!

Kim - ScrapToMyLu said...

I can't wait to check them out, thanks.

The Therapist said...

Thanks for the Props. I gotta get BB Baby out there posting some more. We're slacking...

Ashlee said...

yay! I'm your BBFF! So happy I yelled it! :0) Definitely looking forward to checking out some of these other blogs. Thanks for the love!

Anonymous said...

I *heart* Google reader too!

tired mom said...

teach me, what is google reader? By the way my 41 year old has that same look!!!

Anonymous said...

I saw a comment you made in one of the funny nings and had to come check you out. You have a lot of great people listed. It's nice to spread the love.

Sarah (genesismoments) said...

You're awesome.Thanks so much for the link!! Love the site. I'll add you to mine!

The Nester said...

Girl, you know everyone! You are like the most popular girl in school or something!

Love you and so happy that me and my sister both made your list!!!

Thank you!

Redneck Mommy said...'ve included me in a great group of blogs. I'm blushing.

Thanks for the linky love. It's a pleasure to virtually meet you!

dcrmom said...

Thanks for the linky love! I'm off to check out a few new blogs.

Anne Glamore said...

Hey - thanks for the props, and also for the new places to check out. I love getting a manageable list of new blogs to explore!

Christine said...

Two toddlers + no naps today = badly in need of linky love. Thanks!

Sandy C. said...

Aww...that face :(

Love many of those you've linked to! I'll have to check out more from the list :)

Wade Huntsinger said...

Cool, not sure anyone has ever put me in that category. Actually you HB and Sassy inspire me as well. Thanks for adding me and I do hope it gets above freezing soon for you guys.

The Queen B said...

Can't wait to check out some new blogs!

You are so right about the weeding of the non-essentials. I'm going to do that today.

Thanks for sharing your faves!!

Anonymous said...

Why don't you give Logan the answers he wants?

Martha said...


Thanks for the linky love!!!

You and the Sass are always on my must-read list, too!

Your Logan is a dolly - even with the mad face :)


Brother JimmyEatWorld said...

mmmm.... Google, every time I turn around they seem to have made something dead on with what I wanted!
Calendar, Reader, Gmail, and iGoogle.

And what no boy blogs? Whats up with that? Now go find me a good daddy blog! :P