Sunday, March 2, 2008

Our Boys

Logan loves his cousins. They are the closest thing he has to a sibling.

Here they are playing in the rain. Actually, climbing into the basketball hoop, but whatever.

They let their daddies rake big ol' piles of leaves and then jump in and destroy all that hard work. That's OK. They're building memories, right?

They love to skate on the ice, and let the adults spin them in circles until they are dizzy.

Every single year they get together to bake Christmas cookes. Then they eat them.

They pretend to hunt a rabbit and make a stew.

They tattle and then defend.

They fight and then make up.

They laugh and play and wrestle and chase.

When his cousins leave, it's not long before Logan wonders when they can come over again.

They are cousins. And they are friends.

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Jen of A2eatwrite said...

And they are adorable! It's always so nice to have cousins of similar ages who live nearby.

echolily said...

I wish my daughter had cousins near the same age close by. Or maybe a sibling some day. I think it is neat they spend a lot of time together.

Sister Sassy said...

How on earth do you keep your sanity when my chaos whirls in? I am used to it lol!

We had fun today even if I was up and down a hundred times and crabby.
Sister Sassy

Brother JimmyEatWorld said...

I think that they will grow up so close, it won't matter that they are technically 'cousins'.

Technically my sister and brother are half siblings, but I have never in my life considered them anything less than good family and friends

Sister Big said...

Whatever you call them, they're the cutest! It makes me miss them. I can't wait till we can come spend a weekend and be a part of the chaos.

fishwithoutbicycle said...

They are so cute!!! That's great they get along so well.

Ashlee said...

I LOVE it when the cousins come to visit my kids. They all moved away and Landon doesn't know what to do with himself. Cousins are like built in best friends. They rock!

Martha said...

Cousins are the best, and how cute are your boys? Those eyes!