Tuesday, April 8, 2008

$23.00 Bedroom Makeover? Oh Yeah, Baby!

Tom and I were all alone last week. Logan was downstate with his grandma getting spoiled by his aunts Big, Red and Aquanetta. Seriously. He was sorely disappointed when he returned home and realized his life is not about WII, new sports jerseys, Build-a-Bear workshops, Chuckee Cheese and swimming at the Y. And snuggling up with grandma Jean every night.

It seems his dad and I really do cramp his style. That's OK. He's been cramping ours for a few years too.

While he was away we decided to surprise Logan with a newly decorated bedroom. He's a devoted sports nut, so that is the new theme. I had Tom paint the room a lovely shade of khaki.

He was less than thrilled with this chore since he painted Logan's bedroom last summer. But I was so unhappy with the color that I complained often. I'm pretty sure the sound of my voice griping about it was enough to make Tom want to stab himself in the ears. So he agreed to paint the walls again, if only to shut me up.

I would have painted it myself, but there is a rule in our home that Tom must. paint. all. rooms. He is a perfectionist and I am not. So as long as he's willing to do the job when I want it done, I don't mind not painting. No sirreee, not one little bit.
Before Tom began painting, I had him build me a cornice for the window. My intention was to find fabric with a pattern much like the stripes of the Detroit Tigers uniform. Oh. My. Heavens. Every color under the sun was available. Except the blue I really really wanted. So, I found something close enough and called it good.

While Tom painted the bedroom, I painted the nightstand and bookshelf. While Tom continued painting the bedroom, I hot-glue-gunned the fabric onto the cornice. And while Tom continued to paint I watched Top Chef.

When he was finished painting, I began decorating. I sent out an email to my family begging for unused sports equipment. Grandma Jean and Sisters Big and Red came through in a huge way. Logan thinks it's pretty cool that his older cousins gave him their trophies and cleats and footballs and stuff from when they were younger. He's right, it is pretty cool.

I'm a crappy decorator. I know it. I own it. But I do love the way it all turned out. I still need to hang up the antique tennis racket, the rest of the hockey equipment and add a few extra touches, but it's basically finished. And my kid is digging it, so my mission has been accomplished.

So, the final breakdown:

Sports Equipment-Free
Nightstand-Free (from Sister Big)
Paint-Free (Leftover from other projects)
Fabric $ 7.00
Wood for cornice, glue gun, frame $15.00
Sports Stick-Ons $1.00
Total: $23.00

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Sister Sassy said...

You sure know now to decorate on a budget. Good thing Tom's such a good painter too.

Valarie said...

Good job! Logan looks like he is pretty happy with it all.

saintseester said...

LOVE IT! My son wants me to paint a baseball stadium in his room, complete with home plate and fans. Um.. Yeah. Logan's room is just perfect!

Ashlee said...

My son will have his room done up sports style when the basement is done too. I love how you hung the hockey stick on the wall. Super cute. I wouldn't have thought to do that. :0)
I wish my husband would be the painter, but alas, I am the perfectionist and it would drive me crazy to have him do it. So...it's my fault anyway. What can I do? :0)

Melissa @ The Inspired Room said...

First visit here and I just wanted to say GOOD JOB! You did all the right stuff, IMHO, all the sports themed stuff will work for him for years to come! And not only do you use sporting goods to decorate, but he can use them to play with too. Love it! And, you are a smart girl, we have the same "husbands must paint" rule at our house. Husbands who are perfectionists deserve that rule.

Excellent job, the look on your son's face says it all, he is PLEASED.

Happy day,

Amanda (Shamelessly Sassy) said...

oooh! looks good. I need to do some painting soon, and by I, I mean my husband. :)

kspin said...

Your son does look pretty happy! :) I love easy makeovers! I desperately need to get started on my own sad little room!

Little Nothings said...

Great job and on a great budget! Can't beat that!

I must also add that everytime I see a picture of Logan I am amazed at how much of a spitting image of you he really is! You are lucky for him to be so undeniable!

Jane the Sane said...

Looks great!

Sonshine said...

Looks great!

My hubby is the same way as your hubby...he does all the painting because of his being such a perfectionist. :)

Thanks for the ideas! They will work great in my sports nut's room when we redo it. :)

Gray Matters said...

Looks great - I'm so glad he likes it. With such classic colors and accessory he can grow into his room for a long time.