Thursday, April 17, 2008

In Which I Am A Freak.

Many of you have asked how my interview went last week. I wasn't going to post about it until I either a) get offered the job, or b) am told they never want to see me again thankyouverymuch.

But doggone Sassy keeps bugging me to let you all know how it went, and we all know that I do whatever-the-heck she tells me to. It's the beauty (and frustration) of our relationship.

My interview was last Friday. Of course I had not one appropriate piece of clothing to wear so I went shopping. My seven year old niece Brea was in town visiting, so I took her along. Now, I hate shopping. A lot. It frustrates me to no end.

As I was wandering around the store (unable to see anything I liked), Brea trailed behind me and in her sweet voice she would say things like:

"Aunt HB. If you had your choice between a brown and pink skirt, a yellow and green skirt or a white and lavender skirt which would you want?"

"Aunt HB, isn't this the most beautiful dress? Why don't you try it on?" also,

"Aunt HB, I think my mom would LOVE this shirt. Can we call her?"

She was in her glory as any seven your old girl would be. I only wanted to cry or shoot myself in the head. We browsed a little more and I took her home for lunch with promises of going swimming later at Uncle Tom's hotel. She was satisfied and I escaped Mall-Hell.

When we got home, Tom was there and he could see I was rattled. He understands what a freak I become when I shop. Although he was busy digging holes (or something) in the yard, he decided to come to my rescue.
My straight guy whipped out his queer eye and we got in the car and drove to Macy's.

There he was walking around the store in his dirty jeans, work boots and baseball cap in the women's section acting all "Tim Gunn". Within 10 minutes flat Tom spied with his little eye perfection in a swing jacket with 3/4 length sleeves. I tried it on, loved it, bought it.

During the interview, I felt good and I looked good. My answers were smart, I was gracious and confident. I made them laugh.

They seemed very impressed with my experience and qualifications. Then. Then, one of the Human Resource ladies said, "HB. You are a very high-energy person. Do you think you would be happy with this position?"

Goodbye Mojo. Where I once felt I was rockin' the old interview, I now felt like this:

I addressed their concern to the best of my ability. While they feel I exude energy, I know I am really just a lazy-butt at heart. When I get home, I'm counting down the minutes until it's time to watch Rock of Love or Top Chef. I'm not running around being the life of the party. I was really thrown by that question.

When I talked to my friends though, they said that I do put off a high-energy vibe. Is that such a bad thing? I don't know.

Anyway, they are doing a few more first-round interviews this week and then calling back their favorites for second interviews next week.

I'm praying I get a call back. I just believe this job would be perfect for my life and I know I would be an asset to the company.

And if I do get called back, I'm looking for someone to hook me up with some Xanax so I don't freak anyone out with my crazy-energizer-bunny-self.

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saintseester said...

You exude high-energy here with your words - so, why not in person, too? I hear you on the lazy. I was just telling a friend, that I wanted a day off so I could just sit and look at the stupid walls for a bit.

Sister Sassy said...

Say, "it's not high energy, I'm just naturally sparkley. ooooh, shiney!"

Valarie said...

Ok I don't understand why they would not want someone with high energy. That normally means you will get stuff done, take care of things. Still praying for you on this one. :)

Ashlee said...

High energy does not equal easily bored. Now if there was absolutely NOTHING to do and they were paying you to sit around...then ok. That might get old. {I've had a job like that and almost went crazy!} Maybe they were misinterpreting your passion for the job for energizer bunny disease. Who knows? It sounds like they like you, so keep us posted on how the second interview goes! :0)

Jen said...

I would think that high energy would be a desirable quality. I mean, is there really a job where it would be better to have a listless, mopey worker than a motivated, energetic worker? Good luck with the interview--I've got my fingers crossed for you!

Anonymous said...

Good luck with your interview. I hope you get a call back.

And high energy is a good thing to be able to fake. Even if it's just a vibe I'm sure you don't plan on spending the workday staring into space and planning your viewing schedule.

womaninawindow said...

I too do not like shopping (especially in malls) unless there is a going out of business sale or something else ludicrous. but the perfect outfit?! Too much pressure. I hit the second hand stores. Feel more comfy there. Good luck with the job!

Jen of A2eatwrite said...

I'm sending good vibes and prayers your way. I hope it all goes beautifully!

High Hopes said...

I'm with you on the shopping HB, I can never find anything to fit, pants are nightmares because my butt is too big and my waist too small. It usually means taking things to the tailor. The $25 deal usually ends up costing $40+ by the time I've had it altered (I don't sew, I glue gun)

Maybe the high energy thing is their way of saying you are over qualified? I dunno, I would rather have a high energy happy spirited employee than a mopey miserable crab apple. Good Luck! I will keep my fingers crossed for ya and say a prayer.

janethesane said...

Sometimes high energy can equal power struggle or high turnover. Maybe they were worried about keeping balance. That especially might be true if the head of that department is laid back. I hope you get it! Everyone should have a job where they are happy.

Anonymous said...

Since I know you personally, that company you interviewed with would be making a very foolish mistake by not hiring you. Besides the fact that you're an intelligent and beautiful woman, you complete the package with the ability to inspire and motivate others. The cherry on top is your sense of humor, which I absolutely love. I miss you though. LGT

Sarah said...

You can do it! I'll be praying. Have a good weekend and try to kick back and do something fun to take your mind off it all.

Abbreviated said...

You so need a catagory about when your dh turns into Tim Gunn.

It cracks me up.

Hole digger makes a trip to Macy's ....

Abbreviated said...

You so need a catagory about when your dh turns into Tim Gunn.

It cracks me up.

Hole digger makes a trip to Macy's ....