Thursday, April 24, 2008


We are entering Week Four! Can you believe it? The participation has blown mine and Sassy's collective minds. We are humbled by the comments we receive and the way people are joining in. I think the concept of getting fit from the inside out is striking a chord with many people.

Since I gave birth to Logan almost six years ago, I have tried to get back into shape with very little success. The support and accountability we have here on the ol' blawg has made things so much easier.

Another thing that has really made a difference is that I'm not in a huge hurry to have my ideal body. This is more of a lifestyle change and taking it one day at a time has taken the pressure off. That's not to say that I'm super excited about putting my swimsuit on and going out on the boat any time soon, but you know what I'm sayin'.

The one thing I seem to struggle with is exercise. I don't have time for the gym. Going for a walk bores. me. to. tears. I hate it. The thought of putting on my walking shoes and then just, you know, walking is pure torture.

I'll be walking along thinking how pretty the green grass is and considering all that I'm grateful for. And then, I am ready to be done. Except I still have to turn around and walk back home. It's enough to make me cry. But I still do it when I have to. I walked about three miles today. Two by myself and then one with Logan.

I have learned that when it comes to exercise I must be entertained. Tom, Logan and I started playing tennis, and we are having a blast. I used to play with Sister Big when her kids were little. They would swing and teeter-totter and merry-go-round while we chased after balls and got very sweaty. And had fun. I forgot how much fun it was.

When Tom can't play, I take Logan to the courts. And if you think playing tennis with an almost-six year old isn't exercise, you are wrong, sir. That boy can hit a ball. And it doesn't always come anywhere near me, forcing me to run my getting-smaller-every-day butt all over the court.

And I can feel a difference already. My stomach is flatter, and that makes me feel so very good. I have more energy and I feel happier. And that's the goal, yes?

What are you going to do next week to MOVE YOUR BODY? What have you struggled with this week? Share your goals for the week.

If you want to take part in our challenge, catch up here. We post a mid-week check in each Tuesday. Sassy writes some inspirational/fun/informative yada-yada and then everyone posts links to his/her blog so we can all go over and do some cheer leading and advising. On Friday's we prepare for the next week of getting Fit From the Inside Out.

And if you want some frump fighting tips, go here and say hi to Fussy.

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Sister Sassy said...

I know I've said this here, but I'm going to put it down for others to see.

iPod. Lol, or Logans Mp3 player. Download a podcast from your fav NPR show, religious leader, even free book chapters. Seriously, it staves off bordom. I don't do that because I use music to run, but if I were just walking I think I'd have to. But I do my best thinking when I run so I'd like people struggling with the same thing you are to use their exercise time to meditate, pray or reflect on things they need to think through. Or work out storylines for your books, like me :)

I've rocked this week, which was important because last week have a yucky cold and all, I only ran once. I compensated by not having my sweets the days I didn't run, but that wasn't really enough.

This week I've already run 3 times and and I'm doing my 6 mile walk tomorrow (if you want to sponsor me, click on the March for Babies Badge on the right side bar). I have been eating ok, I would like to throw in some food goals now.

fullheartandhands mama said...

Okay, I'm not in your challenge though I probably should be. But, I did walk/run on the treadmill last night as I watched LOST. Distraction is key!

I'll definitely be sure to play sports with my kids as they get older. How fun!

Valarie said...

Ok, I am so excited!! My boot camp starts Monday!! By the way Sassy, I replied to your e.mails, are you getting my reply? Maybe I need to send it from a different address.

Anyway, yesterday I fell off the wagon just a bit. I had a molten chocolate cake from Chilis. It totally sucked. I was waiting for ooey goodness, but the cake was not hot enough so it wasn't worth eating. Even though I ate it.

This also brings me to a another confession. I had my Body Comp done the other day, and it was not good. Not good at all. :(

Dad gum Chocolate cake. :(

Sarah said...

You two are doing awesome. I do truly feel better after getting good cardio exercise now that my body has gotten used to the idea of pushing past the "I donnnta wanna's".

Keep up the good work.

Ashlee said...

Yay Honey Bunch! So proud of you!

As for me...I've had some other struggles come up this past week that are making it hard for me to stay focused, though I've been trying very hard not to let it affect me. I have only exercised twice this week, BUT it was harder exercising than I've done in a long time. My tummy seems that's a good thing! :0)

becky said...

Hey girlys...I first of all want to say thank you. Your encouragemnet last week helped me get right back on the wagon (the weight watchers wagon, that is)! I walked this week and it was great - I have a reeeeaallly fab place to walk. I ate healthier and drank more water...ended up losing a few pounds. Yes! This challenge has made me accountable and I need that extra jolt!!! Thanks again!

Joy said...

Tennis is a great work out- especially if you are having to chase down the ball! Good for you!!!

Denitra's Den said...

I just got back from the gym. To make my time bearable there and walking around the block about a couple dozen times (small block)I listen to my MP3 player. I go back and forth between Reliant K (My all time fave Christian rock band) and the Doctor Youself book (pretty funny and keeps me from stoppin' at Dunkin' Donuts after the work out as a reward:)

kspin said...

I'm doing half-way good with my goals. I have been better about the veggies and I'm still running, but the ab workouts...not so much!

Sassy I want to sponsor you but my trip broke me! Next time, promise! I'm so proud of you though! Good job!

Darla said...

Congratulations on making a lifestyle change. I applaud you.