Saturday, April 12, 2008

Tossing and Tumbling: My Most Embarrasing Moment!

Some of you read my Most Mortifying Moment earlier this week, in that post I referenced how my mortifying moment wasn't embarrassing in the same way that throwing up in your hands is embarrassing. I had planned to share my most embarrassing moment anyway but since Amanda from Shamelessly Sassy decided to do an embarrassing moment contest I'll share it with you now.

My most embarrassing moments actually involve two moments, but the first one was my first day of grad school and my second one was my last day of grad school. So I think they really should go together.

Imagine a fresh young Sassy, excitement and adventure twinkling in her, my eye. It was my first day of grad school orientation and things started out all wrong that morning. First, my bus was running late. I HATE being late. So riding the bus already freaked out because I can't stand being late and things just got worse. The bus had the nerve to break down 8 blocks from my place of orientation. So, being Sassy and all, I jump off, and begin walking at a brisk pace...and guess what? It starts to rain and I have no umbrella. nice.

I finally get to my building, sweaty and mussed and having just missed a group of students going over to the auditorium so I had to wait for another group to gather. While waiting I wander to the snack table where I'm presented with a whole slew of yummy cookies and muffins.

Since I had spent that summer trying to loose the freshmen 50 I put on during my undergrad, I opted instead for some pineapple. I munching on yummy fruit as more people gather are coming in. One of the graduate student leaders announces its time to head over to the auditorium so I quickly swallow the piece of pineapple. Gulp.

Too late I discover there is some grizzely part still on that particular piece which promptly gets LODGED IN MY THROAT! I am able to breathe, but I’m starting to cough and feeling worried because no matter how hard I swallow it will NOT go down.

The whole group walks out of the main building and the guide stops to wait for me- the girl trailing behind and coughing loudly. Everyone turns to see why the leader is waiting, craning their neck to see who the straggler is…then suddenly, in front of the whole group of my new fellow students I THROW UP IN MY HANDS! Oh my god I was horrified!

The leader looked disgusted and a bit horrified herself. She mumbled a quick, "Are you ok?" and I gasp that I'll catch up with them later, then run and hide in the bathroom till their out of sight. The next day I also ended up wearing my new outfit will all the stupid tags on so everyone could see for sure I was an Extra large, in case they were wondering.

To end my graduate career as I started, I decided to embarrass myself once again by falling down the stairs on my way to the stage during graduation, and then, for some random no good reason, I hugged the Dean-who i’d never spoken to and no one else bothered to hug. I was SO embarrassed. She looked more than slightly uncomfortable as I pulled her into my warm embrace. I walked the rest of the way down the stage with my eyes wide, wondering why the hell I did that. I didn't even like the woman. The picture to the left is me, JimmyEW, HB and Mama Jean.

So there you have it, I’m a big clumsy puking dork. Hope you enjoyed and got to see Amanda for more moments like mine.

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Mrs. F said...

OMG, I am crying from giggling so hard. The awkward hug was my favorite part, but you had me a throw up.

I hope you win! This post is great!!!!

Hairline Fracture said...

My most embarrassing moment was when I wet my pants in front of my then-boyfriend.

I think I should blog about this. Maybe it will be cathartic.

kspin said...

Lol! This is so funny! I can so picture you standing there with puke in your hands right now! :) I'm laughing with you of course!

I have so many embarrassing moments. Not really sure if I am brave enough to share any though!

Jen of A2eatwrite said...

I hate to say it, because this is a bass ackwards compliment, but I think you have a REAL shot at winning that challenge, tee hee! ;-)

janethesane said...

No fair, that is way better than mine! But it is so funny I don't even care :)

Ashlee said...

Tripping to get your diploma huh? Sounds like something I would do? :0) But! You're still alive! You made it through right? That's all that matters in the end. :0)

Valarie said...

Again, Bless your heart. :)

Sister Big said...

If you don't win with a story like that, then I feel sorry for the winner because that means they would have to have a real humdinger to beat you. The hug is the best way to end the entire grad school debacle (sp).

Amanda (Shamelessly Sassy) said...

hahaha! Thanks for entering. That is hilarious.