Sunday, April 6, 2008

Seriously. Don't Waste Your Time.

Logan just got home from spending the week with his grandma. He's five and has never been away from us for this long. Tom and I had a very restful time alone. Well, except for the two nights we spent painting Logan's bedroom. And by "we" I mean "Tom".

I missed my kid while he was gone and want to spend time with him. Now. Outside. Playing. Not in front of my computer. So I'm going to save us both the trouble of a really mediocre post and send you somewhere better. Waaaay better. But please make sure you come back Monday, mmmmk? I'm doing this out of love for you, you know.

Bye Bye Pie is probably the absolute funniest blog in my reader. I had her in my "Funny" folder and had to upgrade her to "My Favorites". I'm pretty sure she did a dance the day I let her know of the big change. Because I am very important.

There are no words to express how much I loves me some Piper of Love. She makes me happy.

I recently started enjoying Jane The Sane. She's some funny stuff right there and she has a great Fiction Friday series.

And there' s always our BBFF Ashlee who's been having some serious deep thoughts lately.

Go read them. Then go play with your kid(s).
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Sister Sassy said...

slacker! lol! Jk.

saintseester said...

Time speeds by so quickly, but moments last a lifetime.

Ashlee said...

Thanks for the love! Does this mean I need to lighten it up a bit over at my place? :0)

Anonymous said...

Wow! I was just reading your blog for fun and there was a link to my bad self! How exciting.

And I did do a happy dance when you moved me to "favorites," but that may also have been the day I had to pee really bad, too.

Valarie said...

Ok so I just got back from over at Fussy's and if I had been drinking something when I read your caption, I would have spit it out all over the computer. If Mr. Smartypants doesn't pick your caption, well I don't know whats wrong with him. :)

Jane the Sane said...

Thanks for the linky love :) Glad you got out to play with your son. I had to stay in all day and it was yucky.

piper of love said...

Color me shocked!

Thanks for the little shout out! You make me really happy too :)

You also made my day!