Wednesday, May 28, 2008

And Now Ladies and Gentlemen!

Something that is so funny it will make you pee your pants. At least I thought it was so funny! Maybe I posted this before, I don't remember.

This David Blaine spoof cracks me up, my favorite part is how the victim screams that he didn't want to wear his new sweater yet!

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Valarie said...

Oh I had to bring one of my bosses in here to watch this, we were laughing so hard!

High Hopes said...

"Ohhh I can buy that scarphf" This made me laugh so hard. ROFL

Ashlee said...

That was awesome! :0) His "look" every time was hilarious.

Momma Mary said...

The best was the end! "just wait" then they start yelling because the guy is peeing orange soda! "Does it burn?" Oh, that was funny!