Monday, May 5, 2008

Mommy Moonwalk: My Armstrong Moment

The other day in the store I felt like the "Bad Mommy". The one that seems to be constantly yelling at her kids. Riding them for doing every little small thing. I really don't want to be that mom.

I was in the store and I had Boogs strapped down in the stroller because he is UNCONTROLLABLE. He's loud, he grabs stuff and he flings himself about. He is very different from Kiki at that age.

We don't believe in spanking. I just don't like the message is sends and I'm also afraid if I opened that door I wouldn't be able to close it. I think it would be a mistake. Not that I would go all out crazy violent, but that I think I could easily lose control and lash out physically in anger and not at all in the correct way, if there is one. Who knows. And you spankers out there, don't you take offense. I'm not saying anything against you.

So I don't have that immediate -pop you in the mouth/hand/butt- fix to get them to behave. I do time outs and I will also pack up their crap and make them leave fun places if need be.

When Kiki threw a fit one day we were supposed to go to the playland to meet HB, I threatened him that he would have to stay home. He defiantly did whatever I told him not to and I was left to contemplate spending the afternoon in my home, bored as hell and crazy-like.

Don't write checks your butt can't cash. That's one of JimmyEW's favorite sayings. So finally I told Kiki that his misbehavior wasn't going to ruin the fun that Boogs and I had been planning and that he was going to go but sit in time out for awhile while the other kids played.

I think that was more torture than staying home. He had to go and watch what he couldn't do because he had been naughty.

But Boogs, he's 2 and naughty and has no real concern for his personal safety. I still haven't figured out what will work with him. But last night I had a sort of break through. At least I hope it is.

Boogs wanted to get on Aunt HB's lawn mower. He managed to climb on and I took him off, screaming and kicking the whole way. He complained loudly about my decision. I set him down, told him no, had uncle Tom tell him no, then went back to play. He proceeded to jabber at me like an angry squirrel, pointing to the mower and yelling at me when i told him no. But, he didn't try to get back on.

On small step for Boogs, one giant leap for Sassykind

I call this photo "Car-Jacked!"

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Sister Honey Bunch said...

I was trying to figure out what Mr. H. W. Armstrong had to do with this. Doh!

Valarie said...

Disciplining its a tough job to do. Especially with boys! Little Logan is the worst for trying to push someone to the edge.

kspin said...

My kids are so different that I have to use different disciplining methods for each one. Very frustrating. Good thing my kids are little perfect angels who never get in trouble, lol! :)

Ashlee said...

My two are completely different too! Not that they both haven't had their toddler moments. But I tend to forget about "writing checks I can't cash". It sucks too. :0)
Gotta love toddlers....right? Seriously...we have to. We're their moms. If we don't love them...who will? :0)

fishwithoutbicycle said...

I don't know how you do it ;-)

womaninawindow said...

Consistency, consistency, consistency! Oh, and the check thing too!

Sister Sassy said...

Consistency is extra hard when you're writing the checks your butt can't cash. lol!

Jane the Sane said...

Not looking forward to that age. TLP is so willful already. I know it is going to be hard.

Jen of A2eatwrite said...

Patience, strength and margaritas... that's the secret of dealing with toddlers.

Or maybe just the margaritas... ;-)