Tuesday, June 3, 2008

I Have a Little Matt Foley in Me!

Technically last week was the last week of our challenge, but today is my little wrap up piece and Mr. Linky to let you talk about anything you'd like to.

First off, the 8-week-challenge was successful for one big reason, which was, I joined Weight Watchers during the process. I had gotten the exercise down and it was time to stop eating my feelings. I know myself. I know I need accountability. So joining was the best thing I could have done. That is where a piece of my tax return went and it will be money well spent.

I did really great on the running front, especially while I was doing the mid-week check in. I felt responsible for inspiring, I felt all your eyes on me... I had to do what I said I would or...gulp... I might disappoint. lol. It was good for me, peer pressure=accountability.

I didn't do as much creative writing as I wanted, but I think I'm ok with that. Or at least I was. But now its time for me to make more room in my life for doing things I really enjoy, rather than sitting mindlessly and letting something suck time from me. Like surfing the net, watching some show I don't particularly care about (which really isn't very often) or parenting. I'm kidding about that last one.

So at the end of the 8-weeks I've changed my eating exponentially, I've tried to make it a point to work out as frequently as my schedule allows me (and JimmyEW just got me a 90% off treadmill from the big box so running is going to be so.much.easier.) and I'm working hard to keep out the negative thoughts that come at me. You know, negative self talk. Whoever lives inside my head is a real bitch. I'm kicking her to the curb. When she jimmies a window open and sneaks in to say mean things, instead of inviting her to stay and play inside my head, I just open up the door and kick her ass right on out. That part is important.

So all my wonderful blogland buddies, did you take part? What was one thing you took from this 8-week deconstruct? Did you see a difference in how you felt or thought? Did it suck and were we like bad motivational speakers LIVING IN A VAN. DOWN BY. THE RIVER!
Do share! I can't wait to read! Sign Mr. Linky and don't forget to comment. Also, the, scroll on down for a tribute to Matt Foley.

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saintseester said...

Hmm. I am not really ready to write a post because I am only about halfway through my eight weeks. But, here's a status update.

About 4 weeks ago, I joined the gym. I decided improving my exercise habits was my number 1 goal. Then eating next. For 2 weeks, I worked out strength training faithfully. Then about 10 days ago, I got a wicked fever virus. I was worried that I had lost everything I worked up to. But, I went in yesterday, and was still able to do all of the reps. I am ready to add weight/more exercises now.

As for the eating, now I am working on journaling what I am eating to get a handle on my snacking. I think snacking is my problem.

My inner self needs some work to. I decided to quit my job because my inner self is being trampled and taken advantage of by a bunch of inept, incapable idiots. Only problem is that I have to stick out the summer due to a contract. Nothing like knowing you are leaving to make you NOT WANT to do a thing.

Ashlee said...

I will be posting today about my 8 weeks. So glad yours went so well! It was a great idea and you are SO much better than Matt Foley. I think he needs an 8 week challenge!

Calamity said...

You asked for it. You've been reviewed.

Ashlee said...

So, calamity sucks. I just read the review. I would suggest you don't. Does this person just go around looking for blogs to say things about? Hmmm.....dumb anyway.

Sister Sassy said...

Thanks for the props Ashlee- but I guess a long time ago Sister HB signed us up or something. She doesn't so much tell me things. So anyway, my side bar does drive me crazy! at least the tags do. Like I Wanna be Hawt, I'm gonna rock my world, shoudl be combined. Nursing homes should NOT be a catagory?? Really, neither should sports-that is just funny.

So, thanks so much for sticking up for us Ashlee. We love you much. Now i have to run back to work.

Soliloquy said...

I didn't participate - but I am so proud of all your hard work! You must feel fantastic.

LOVE Chris Farley.... er, Matt Foley. As long as what's in you of him is his sense of humor - you're all good!

Sister Sassy said...

Seester- good for you trying to get rid of some stress. I bet the motivation level is pretty low though :) hang in there.

Soliloquy, If you read my profile, you'll see I live in a van down by the river. I'm a lover of Matt Foley. Thanks for stopping by to pat our backs.

kspin said...

I seemed to have a complete breakdown in 8 weeks instead of an overhaul. I guess that is the same thing sometimes! lol! :) Actually, I think I am finally coming into my own...or something. Things are finally getting better. All good things...

Sister Sassy said...

All in good time. Imagine me singing now "Haaaaaang on Kspin, kspin hang on" (is it sloopy hang on or snoopy? Just use that tune and you'll get the idea).

Glad you're coming into your own. I need to check you out ;)