Saturday, June 28, 2008

Sisters Saturday

Sisters weekend 2008 is well underway. I braved a Hitchcock experience as I tried grilling the meat. Unfortunately some birds have made a nest beside H.B. door and my presence cooking was NOT welcome. I may have pictures of the Robins trying to take me out, dive bombing my head, me duck walking from the house the grill to the shrieks and laughter of my sisters. I wasn't scared. ...ok, just a little. Saint Seester's mom screaming "West Nile" kept playing in my head.

We had great music, someone won a gift card, everyone probably snored, I didn't shave so i slept alone downstairs and no one woke up hung over. But no one really got drunk either. I'm thinking that might come tonight.

If the boys ask, we're just talking about our periods. And we sort of did, we talked about the Annuale Sketch from SNL. FUNNY!

Today is canoing, take some bets on who will tip.
Happy Saturday!
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MommytoA&J said...

glad you guys had fun! Sounds like an amazing time. Why did u shave? LOL!

"t" said...

well, i'll be eighteen next julyyy.
so hopefully i'll be able to join
next time. haha, watchh outt! :)

Anonymous said...

Wow, sounds like a lot of fun. I only have one sister, but a big annual sister weekend sounds great! Can't wait to hear how canoeing went!

Valarie said...

Is everyone ok???? Have not heard from you since Saturday. Where are y'all??????