Monday, June 23, 2008

Yeah, His Eye Aint Always So Queer

My lovah (AKA my husband Tom) and I were walking out of the grocery store yesterday afternoon. We were chatting about our fabulous weekend and what we needed to do when we got home.

Pretty much he was planning on grilling our dinner (as he should) and hanging our new 2-person swing (AKA the lovehs swang) .

I was planning on watching him do those things with a nice refreshing beverage. Then we were going to take Logan out for ice cream.

I happened to glance over at Tom and saw that my husband....the man who has given me such savvy fashion advice...was wearing two different sets of plaids.

A large-plaid shirt and smaller-plaid shorts.

Oh. Mah. Gawt. I don't know that I'll ever listen to him again.

And also? Can someone please tell me why my lashes have suddenly refused to curl? Seriously. These bad boys are STICK straight. I looked at my eyelash curler and it doesn't appear to have been tampered with. I look like I took a straight iron to my lashes. I'm afraid I might poke out Logan's eye when I give him some snuggles tonight. Seriously.
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womaninawindow said...

Ah, he could be in a rock know, the whole shirking fashion's rules thereby making new rules thing. (PS. Don't let him read this. It'll all be over!)

Wade Huntsinger said...

I really am not sure would happen to me if i wore that down here in SC, but tell Tom good luck with that.

Sister Big said...

Tom looks FIERCE!

sister Aquanetta said...

Sister, mine won't curl either. Its tickin me off. Tom looks great. At least he don't look like no hillbilly!

sister Aquanetta said...

Sister, mine won't curl either. Its tickin me off. Tom looks great. At least he don't look like no hillbilly!

Valarie said...

Ooo two plaids! Ya know we all have those days when we are fashion choices are lacking. ;)

Sandy C. said...

ROFL!!! I'm still laughing at your photo caption :) You're too funny.
At least neither plaid is really bright and loud.

My lashes have never curled *sigh*

Ashlee said...

Now, now HB...everyone has their un-queer moments. Let Tom have his. :0)

I say take the curling iron to those lashes! :0)

I'm obviously kidding...

You knew that right?


Anonymous said...

LOL, that is TOO funny, and totally almost something my hubby would do :D

Not sure what to say about the lash curler - I've never used one, but could it be the mascara you're using?? Sometimes I've heard of it doing things like that, and drying them out. Can you try using a conditioner??

Sorry I'm not much help, LOL!


Jen of A2eatwrite said...

Darn, looks like Tom is going to have to turn in his "queer eye" card!

The swing sounds fab!

ThatGirl said...

I'm in California and he fits right in.