Sunday, July 27, 2008

Anyone missing a post?

I temporarily have taken down a post just to make sure that it doesn't get in the wrong hands. Although I am semi-anonymous Sister HB is not at all so it is possible that post could hurt feelings. so... until I do a little research it will be offline. Not that anyone will be missing anything, because it wasn't that well written and was a rant written in a time of worry and frustration.

Anywhoo... I went to church today to coordinate a thank you coffee hour for the church that lets us meet in their space. It was nice. I met this WONDERFUL older woman who just turned 85 spent, and several minutes talking with me about nice the guest pastor was (our pastor filling in for theirs).

She told me how she was having a hard time turning 85 and being really old. But our pastor framed things for her in a way that made her feel better. He said something about people being on the perimeter of the circle, but they are still inside the circle. I'm not sure what it was in reference to since I was helping set up. But she had joy on her face and seemed so happy to have gotten that from him that it doesn't matter.

She was just lovely. She also said she was used to smaller churches and felt a bit lost in their church since it has grown so much. I suggested that maybe she could stop by and see us some time.

Other than that I have a day planned of going to our church service then roasting marshmallows with HB's family.

What are you doing with your Sunday?
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janethesane said...

Pretty basic Sunday over here. We did Church, then lunch, the nap, then dinner :)

Sorry you feel uncomfortable on your own blog. That is yucky.