Friday, July 11, 2008

I Guess I Have a Thing for Unicorns. So sue me.

I've always been the girl who likes to know what she's getting and loves to get what she knows she loves. Reading all the books by a particular author, ordering the same meal at restaurants and re-watching movies I love.

When I was a young girl I somehow saw the movie Legend and I was enamored. Sister 7 would groan every time we went to the video store and I came home with this movie. But I loved it. And I still love it. I wanted to be Lily (played by Mia Sarah). She's beautiful and carefree, a bit spoiled and very human. Humans make mistakes and she makes a grave mistake then spends the rest of the movie trying to fix this terrible mistake.

I found her so amazing and loved the defiance she shows while with the Prince of Darkness. She laughs in his face and taunts him, she was fearless. To me she seemed so strong and in control. And of course the movie is about true love, trust and love conquering all.

Obviously I own the movie AND the soundtrack thank you. I mean, what's not to love about Tangerine Dream?? I even did my college level photography final (a slide show) using the very end of the song below. "Sweet songs of youth, the wise, the meeting of all wisdom. To believe in the good in man". My project was was a commentary on industry vs nature as told by portrait photographs. Not to brag, but it was kick ass. I got an A. But I digress. Or rather, I post some code below so you can enjoy a little Tangerine Dream.

Here is one of my favorite scenes. I always wanted that dress, I think I could fill it out a bit better than she did :)

I also loved the movie The Last Unicorn. I remember watching it in the theater as a very small girl. Great movie and even better long as you skip the ones that are sung by Mia Farrow. OUCH!

I fell in love with the group America because of this movie...sadly I do not own this soundtrack. But if you find me watching this movie you'll notice I know all the words to all the songs.

Well, thats all I have for today. I know its not much, but hey, its what I've got ;) Have a great weekend everyone!

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Ashlee said...

Oh, Legend was one of my favorites! Now I want to see it again. Thanks for sharing the clips!

Anonymous said...

I love Legend. Also, I heard they were remaking The Last Unicorn. Possibly live action? That sure where I heard that, but it'd be worth it to check it out.

Sister Sassy said...

You're my girl Ash!

Meg- I did see where they're doing a computer animation version, or would like to. I'd LOVE a live action one though!!

I also learned this was first a book! I had no idea. Must reserve now! Thanks for pricking my interest and making me look

Jen of A2eatwrite said...

I've actually never heard of Legend, so I think I'd better check it out!

Sister Sassy said...

OMG Jen, are you kidding?? Tim Curry plays the Prince of Darkness. There are elves, fairis, goblins, unicorns, forest dwellers, princesses and Gnomes or Dwarves, I don't remember which they are.

I saw this so many times I was able to follow along verbatum. Good flick. I have the Directors Cut in my Netflix queue, the score is something else though-not Tagerine Dream (I think).

I'm sure anyone who just read this knows entirely too much about Legend now.

Helena S. said...

I love that title. I just love it.

Helena S. said...

(The title of the post.)