Sunday, July 13, 2008

I'm a bad business decision

When JimmyEW and I lived in Chicago we got our cell phones. We went with a company that had a good price and gave us Nationwide coverage since I was going back to Michigan a lot.

We liked them so when we moved from Chicago we kept our same cell company even though they didn't have a local service provider in Northern Michigan.

I also liked keeping the old phones and numbers for another reason, which was that having a number with a Chicago area code helped me in my job.

See, every now and then I get photographers who flake out on me, don't return my calls and deliver half the work. Of course having such a great work ethic comes with a keen ability to dodge phone calls from area codes you do business with. So the Chicago area code helped me trap those dodgers and ask them uncomfortable questions.

Recently, however, I have had to change companies. See, suddenly my service stopped working. I checked to see if I owed money, but I didn't. It was quite odd. So I called them and what they told me was that Cell Company had made a business decision to drop me because I'd been roaming for two years. I replied that I had a Nationwide plan and that roaming charges didn't apply. Their reply was that although I wasn't charged roaming, they were sent a monthly bill by Local Company who's towers I used. Apparently I was costing them a lot of money, hadn't I recieved a letter in the mail?

Well duh, I pretty much ignore my mail, so I have no idea. I told the lady they could have at least sent me a text message telling me I was being cut off. I would have gotten that.

Life without a cell phone has been interesting. Before, the only time I'd call friends to chat was while I was driving to and from work. I know, bad me, but I used my ear piece. So I barely talk to friends right now.

Also, I had to hold anxiety at bay when I was away from phone contact for about 5 hours while the kids were at daycare. What if there was an emergency??

Then, the SNAFU's of all SNAFU's. Poor Jiller and Frankenstein got locked out of HB's house without their cell phones. (Really they weren't locked out, HB just has the door from hell that you have to kick down swat team style to get in. I am NOT exagerating either, you have to kick the door in. But they didn't know this).

After waiting for 2 hours for HB to come home, poor Jiller and Frankenstein went to the local grocery store and called Sister Big who called me and I had JimmyEW take my keys to let them in on his way to a dinner date. About 45 minutes later I get another call that they are still locked out. I then had to call the restaurant where Jimmy was with his friend and have the waitress go hunt him down.

"really tall, really thin guy. I mean he's really tall and really thin" apparently they went right up to him and said "Jim?".

He came to the phone and I screeched at him for not letting them in. He proclaimed the deadbolt was locked and we only have a key for the knob. I said fine, bye, hung up. Wished we had our cell phones, wished Jill and Frankenstein had had their cell phones so they could have called us earlier. Called Sister Big, talked smack about HB's door and hunted down the number of Tom's in-town friend.

I called to get Tom's cell number since HB wasn't answering her phone. I knew Tom would. I get his friend and they start repeating Tom's number to me...then it occurred to someone that perhaps they should hand the phone to HB who was AT THEIR HOUSE! I guess the HB family just happened to be there. So I had her call Sister Big and then Sister Big called and told me that the door was NOT locked and it was just really stuck. Could I go over and get them in?

It was about 7:00 and time for the boys to go to bed but I only live 3 miles away so I got the boys ready and headed to the door...only to realized I'd given JimmyEW my keys!!

I call restaurant again, explain they need to find really tall, really thin guy and get him on the phone. Again, would have liked a cell phone. He reminded me we had a spare car for the van so I hustled the kids out and went to HB's house.

When I got there I tried opening the door, I threw my shoulder into even. I tried three times to open the darn thing. I was certain it was locked. HB told me the spot of her hidden key, but before I went to search I tried one last time. Took my foot and kicked as if I were a cop kicking in the door of meth lab...except meth labs are prone to explosions so maybe they don't kick those down. Crack then, a crack house door.

And the sucker opened! Sister Sassy saves the day!

I took some sidewalk chalk and left a message for Jiller that everything was all good, wished I had a cell phone again so I could call them and not have to scratch a hasty vague message on the driveway, and went home. Wow, how did society survive without cell phones? Actually...I did survive without one. But I still like them and want them.

Fast forward two weeks. JimmyEW and I sign up for local service and order our phones.

I chose the Samsung Muse with a 2.0 megapixel camera and mp3 player.

Jimmy wanted the LG Glimmer but no way we're paying $200 for a cell phone, so he ordered the orange LG Scoop. He hates flip phones.

The phones came in the mail on his birthday and guess what. They sent his scoop, but instead of sending me my Muse, they sent this.

Thats right, the Glimmer. I glared at him, handed him the Glimmer and said "Happy birthday". I took his stupid Scoop But I kind of hate it and it has a crappier camera so I've sent it back and am having them send another Muse.

I know, that was a totally long boring story, but its Sunday and I'm trying to put off housework. It worked! I've done NO laundry so far today, lol!

Tune in tomorrow or sometimes this week...(its summer so I'm not adhering to schedules) for my lunch date with a fellow blogger. I've been putting this one off because I want it to be good and I want to spend real time on it.

Happy Sunday!


Jane the Sane said...

Lunch date with a blogger?? Are you looking for volunteers?

Sister Sassy said...

Lol... well, if you're offering sure. But I'm talking about my recent lunch date with a visiting blogger. I want to try hard not to suck.

Jen of A2eatwrite said...

I got one kicking and screaming and now I'd kick and scream if they took it away. Glad you're cellular again!