Monday, July 14, 2008

Summer Camp Failures Part I

Well, it's time to interrupt my summer hiatus to make an announcement. My reputation as a not-so-together mom is fully intact.

I had hoped to make some minor improvements over the summer vacation and attempt to impress the teachers and parents at Logan's school come fall. However, that will not be happening and I have given up the dream.

Logan is attending a day camp this summer while I'm at work. The camp has very flexible guidelines, because it is summer after all. They have only a few requests for the parents. And try as I might, I don't do a very good job following through with them.

For instance, the Field Trip Shirt. This shirt is vital to trips off-site as it allows the camp counselors to identify children in their charge. Can you understand the importance? Because I can.

However, I am the mom who takes her son to camp on field trip day without the field trip shirt. Last week my child showed up in his olive green shirt. He did not blend in at all.

When we arrived I apologize to the counselor for my failure as a summer-camp mom. She nodded her head and kindly pointed out that not only was Logan wearing the wrong shirt, but the one he had on was backwards. Oh what a proud moment for me.

And you would think that experience would have taught me a lesson, but it didn't. Because two days later I did the exact same thing. Only his shirt was on the right way that time.

It seems you can't teach this old dog new tricks. Try as my poor husband might, what with his lists and reminder calls and prayers and all. You (and by "you" I mean my husband, the school, camp counselors and doctors offices) just have to embrace me for who I am and know that I do my very best every day.

Also? I make up for my shortcomings by bringing extra toppings on Ice Cream days. And really what's more important? An aqua blue matchy-match shirt or extra chocolate and carmel? That's right. We all know the truth, now don't we?

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Beckie said...

LOL! I kept Danielle's baseball shirt in the van, because even though she only had baseball once a week on saturday, it never failed that I couldn't FIND the dumb shirt when we needed it at 7am ;)

High Hopes said...

HB - don't be so hard on yourself. A couple of times I have forgotten key items in the daycamp bag, luckily I keep extra beach towels in my van. I have fogotten the all important sun hat and a few other things.

You can only multitask so many things and we all forget stuff.

Just enjoy everything that is you and BTW can I come for ice cream day with extra chocolate and caramel, I am soooooo there!

saintseester said...

I forget things like that all the time, too. So I signed up at the googles for a google calendar. I went in and filled in all the upcoming events where I had to remember stuff (like ball practice and such.) I have the default set to send me a text message reminder to my cell phone 2 hours before the event. I've been running about 80% accurate lately.

Ashlee said...

I think most of us are in the same boat. I've heard the..."Mom! It was Spirit Day today! I was supposed to wear red and bring $1 for a pencil!"...quite often these past couple of years. You'd think I would have been more on top of things being so "involved" in the PTA last year too. But, nope! Seriously...our brains are way too full of important stuff like chocolate syrup to remember spirit days and matching t shirts! :0)

Liza's Eyeview said...

ohhhh I'm gonna give you a lot of sugar on this post with matching honey hugs!

I can relate, and you're not alone. (((Working moms :))) - Actually this happens to all moms - whether working outside the home or not.

Sister Sassy said...

I was going to say what Beckie said, keep his shirt in the car and have him take it off in the car before he goes in.

To be honest, as much as that kid is on top of things, why isn't he nagging you about wearing the right shirt?

Jen of A2eatwrite said...

We've all been there, HB. I'm with the car suggestion, too. Logan's at that lovely age when he doesn't stink yet, so let him wear it every time they have the trips!

Anonymous said...

Sugar always trumps silly things like clothing. Although, maybe you should keep that Field Trip shirt in your car...

Valarie said...

Maybe you need to do what I do. I normally get two shirts, because I am bound to lose or forget one of the. :)

Caramel and chocolate does trump everything though. :)

Helena S. said...

You sound like my husband... I'm going crazy with him trying to remind him of everything and giving instructions but he always forgets everything. Once he forgot his backbag at an airport and naturally it got stolen in a second.

So far he hasn't forgotten the baby though and despite everything he's the best dad and husband there is. :-)