Thursday, July 31, 2008

Thursday Thin-down: Using friends to stay motivated

Today I went running with Kspin.  Running with her makes the world of difference for me.  I'm encouraged by her to keep going when I feel like I can't take another step, even if its simply watching the bouncing of her pigtails as she goes.  She smiles beside me and tells me to keep my eyes forward, and I do.  I don't look at the ground beneath my feet or look for mile markers, I just keep my eyes forward.
Sometimes she is just a little dot on the horizon and sometimes she runs extra slow so I can catch up with her.  I like Kspin.  Does it matter that all this takes place in my head while I'm running on a treadmill?  Perhaps she should get herself a PPO, my behavior is a little stalker-ish.  Am I the only weirdo?  Are these relationships all becoming a little too real and will Ashlee wake up someday to find I've actually moved into her basement while she slept?  How can I say?
In case you're still mulling about whether I'm a total wacko lacking IRL friend and you missed the point of the part above, it was just to say I'm back up and running again.  Its been nearly 3 weeks since I last run and wow, it wasn't easy to jump back on that horse.  I think that all my muscle disintegrates if I miss running...just turns to goo.  But I think that the running helped me a bit on my weight loss this week, down 1.2.  I celebrated by gaining it all back in a single meal!  Lol.  Not really, I stayed within my realms, but I had good food and more Ice cream.  I'd been feeling deprived and I needed a nice splurge.  But now I'm back doing well and running again.
See you next time.


Ashlee said...

That would be a surprise, now wouldn't it? :0) We would have some good times, though. I can see it now....

Congrats on the weight loss!

Sister Honey Bunch said...

Dude. I was all sorts of confused trying to figure out why I didn't know kspin came to town.

Jane Dough said...

First time commenter...long time lurker ;)

I too am on the weight loss train. It's motivating to see you progressing. I'm proud of you.

Sister Sassy said...

Love the name Jane- Welcome!!

Ash, we would have so much fun!

HB, I wish Kspin visited!

kspin said...

Careful what you wish for...I just might come wake you up at 5am for a fun 6 miler sometime! I'm glad to know that I'm not the only stalker/dreamer/self-motivator out there! Keep it up! You'll be the one getting me back on track soon!

...and thanks! I really needed this today. :-)

janethesane said...

I am glad kspin doesn't know where I live. I doubt I could walk 6 miles, much less run it. Good for you for running again Sassy. I need to get my rear in gear.