Wednesday, July 2, 2008

What About Everything?

Each Girls Weekend, the ladies over the age of 18 are supposed to submit a song that speaks to their life in the last year. Its a good way to know what was going on in a person's life and to learn from their insight.

Many of the songs this year were wonderful both musically and lyrically. I'd like to see if each sister would consent to sharing their song and their meaning, but until I get an ok or nokay from them, here is mine.

This is one of the songs I picked for this year's Girls Weekend. This is a live show at VA Tech, I get the feeling that it was soon after the shootings. The song is called What About Everything by Carbon Leaf (you may remember Grey Sky Eyes by the same band).

I chose this song because to me its about being happy with your life, don't live life for the "what about" but take joy in your days and moments because you, for the most part, are not in need. And it has a good beat.

Enjoy, and feel free to pretend I tagged you about your favorite song and the meaning it held for your life the last year. If you take part, say so in the comments and I'll come take a listen :) This could be fun!

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Sister Sassy said...

Watch what people do when the camera is pointed at them... I wonder if some of them feel stupid now.

btw, did I mention this band was a Pandora Music Radio find? I really like them!

Ashlee said...

Good song! *Imagine me holding up my hand giving the sign language sign for I love you with my tongue hanging out of my mouth* :0)

I'll play along!

Jen of A2eatwrite said...

I so love this song, Sassy! It's just wonderful.

I also love what you and your family do for the sisters weekend. What a wonderful idea!

Anonymous said...

Dh & I loved the song! What a great group. They sound very Irish. Thanks for sharing!! Very moving video.