Thursday, July 24, 2008

Why I think I gained: Thursday Thin-down

Need I say more?  But seriously, the "hot dog" was skinless Turkey Kielbasa and only 3 pts, but omg, can you say SODIUM?  Why did I not think about it?  And the night before weigh in!  I woke up feeling bloated and knew I wasn't going to be happy.  Up .4 lbs.  But when I expressed my concern at the meeting a girl who has reached her goal said she NEVER will eat a Lean Cuisine the night before weigh in because the sodium causes her to gain a lb in water weight the next day.
So I am not discouraged.  After all, I ate fruit for dinner one day this week!
In this week's meeting people were talking about their concern with having to "eat this way" the rest of their life.  I certainly don't plan to diet the rest of my life, but I don't think you need to.  If you live feeling deprived, how can that work? I'm a big fan of a controlled week and then well planned managed splurges an specific days.  And WW really can work that way, you get your base points and then you have 35 weekly points that you can spread out during the week, or eat all at one time for one beautifully indulgent meal.  That is what I like to do.  A lady who lost something like 200 lbs, mentioned was that you eat 21 meals every week, if you have a couple mess ups or indulgences you still have plenty to do well on.  It just has to be planned.
So even though I gained .4, I am pretty sure it was water weight since I did keep very good track of what I ate...unless it was because I over estimated the points when I ate out, which means I could have eaten way under my points-that would do it too.  But I'm sticking with the sodium as the culprit.  And so that is why I allowed myself 1 scoop of Cookie Monster Ice Cream (cookie dough and Oreos in vanilla) from the Nations Best Ice Cream (per Good Morning America) .  It was good and worth my dinner of watermelon the other night.
So, other "dieters" out there.  How do you plan to make your changes more a lifestyle change than a "diet" that you grow to resent?  Those who have lost, what was the big "ah ha" moment for you?  Do tell.


Amanda C. said...

Don't know if you know this, but I have lost 80lbs in the last year. I started doing WW, and then switched to a doctor supervised diet a few months ago when they discontinued WW at work.

For me it is just about not obsessing, which is hard for me to do. I like to eat the same set things so I don't have to think about food, because when I start to think about food I obsess.

Boring, I know - but I think that is the only way I've been able to stick it out and continue to chug along the track.

I don't think there will ever be a time where I don't have to watch what I eat. It took a long time for me to accept that, but now that I have I'm ok with it for the most part.

Sister Sassy said...

Amanda, WOW! I had no idea you lost 80! Good for you!! I forgot I could have blamed you for the .4 lol.

But you're right about constant vigelance (I know I spelled that wrong). I like to always eat the same breakfast and lunch and then just well planned dinner. It is easier to not think about it.

Keeping weight off will be a lifetime effort, but I don't think it has to be joyless when it comes to food so long as you plan and do it in moderation. At least, I hope. We'll see :)

Ashlee said...

I think it's just making smart choices. My problem is snacking and sweets. I love sugar. :0) But, I have learned to eat just a couple of chocolate mint Milano cookies instead of the entire bag. Smart huh? Yeah....they are just so dang good! And, exercising while eating smart will only help. I'm down 5 pounds! So excited! But it's been because I started a walking/jogging group with some friends. The exercise has really helped.
Don't get discouraged by the .4. I was actually thinking you needed to post a picture of yourself since you have lost 10 pounds! I'd be doing a little dance of joy. {Do you remember that from Perfect Strangers?}

Amanda C. said...

I definitely still enjoy food, but I do it a little at a time. I know when to put myself in check. But I also like to not think about food too much because that is when I am too tempted to binge.

Ashlee is right about the exercise. Since I started WiiFit the scale is much more forgiving.

I also love that my doc's scale breaks down the lbs by fat, water and leans muscle. So when I have a bad month I know if I actually did loose 4lbs of body fat but I am retaining 2lbs of water.

Sister Sassy said...

Amanda, where do I find this magic scale you speak of?

Sister Honey Bunch said...

Hey, Sassy. Wanna buy it together and keep it at my house?

Jim said...

Which really means she gives you money for half and then never gets to use it :P

janethesane said...

Congrats to Amanda. That is great weight loss!

As for your question Sass, WW is pretty sustainable for me. I know I wouldn't stick to it if I could never had chocolate or ice cream again. Eating the right portion sizes has really been an eye opener for me. If only I could jump on the exercise bandwagon.

Jen of A2eatwrite said...


I think WW or a similar plan (sparkpeople is the same, but with calorie ranges rather than point ranges) is the way to go, and realizing that life happens. One big difference I'm trying now, as stupid as this is, is to listen to my body more. Not eating those extra calories on days when I'm truly not hungry, and eating more (but healthy foods) on the days when I am hungry. At almost 50, I'm trying to figure out my own rhythms. We'll see what happens.

Sandy C. said...

Oh man, that pic is making me want to lick my screen.

I'm guessing that sodium is the culprit as well. That happens to me as well when I snack heavily on popcorn ;)

I'm trying to limit my portions and exercise 3 times a week. Nothing crazy. I'm not that motivated yet. I just do a cardio video a few times a week, or go for a 20 minute jog. The only problem is that it's not giving me more energy yet. I'm crazy tired by the end of the day.

Amanda C. said...

This is the one my doc uses - YIKES -

But this one seems to do the same thing only in %'s and it's got good accuracy ratings.

Melanie said...

Sassy, it's hillarious that you've posted this, because I have been doing really well recently at the "eating healthy" lifestyle I'm trying to implement better into our family, and I had lost about 7 pounds... Well as you know, yesterday was Jeremy's bday party and of course, a party around here is not a party w/out hotdogs!! So I went ahead and indulged myself, but I did NOT eat the bun (I get points for that, right?)- well sure enough I had gained about a pound overnight. To make matters worse, today we had a backpack giveaway at our church, and I was starving afterward. There were only leftover hotdogs, unfortunately! ugh. So I just know I'll probably be up another pound or two tomorrow, so I'm not even going to hop on the scale for a few days. I'll do my famous lemon water marathon, which always gets rid of the extra sodium my body holds onto. LOL!!

I totally agree that being on a "diet" is so much more than just that, it's a lifestyle change, and changing habits drastically in some cases (mine!) ...but the main thing is not obsessing on it, like Amanda said (congrats on the awesome weight loss, btw!!) - I lost 40 pounds back after I had my first, and I know it's something I can do again (unfortunately need to lose more than 40 this time, though) -but for me it's taking baby steps and not letting being on a diet take over my life. I also have to do it in such a way that I don't feel like I'm "missing out" on all the good stuff, so I've started introducing changes in ALL of our diets, even skinny hubby's ;) (and I *know* you can relate there, Sassy! ;)) - I thought the kids would hate it, and my 13 yr old definitely does his share of whining about some of the new stuff I've been putting on their plates (hummus & crackers, what the heck is THIS, mom??!!), but I don't care. This is the way it's going to be, because mommy is NOT going to be forced to watch her kiddos eat spaghetti, donuts, sugary cereal, etc - while I try to eat healthier by eating salads, fish, lean meats, nuts, whole grains, etc. LOL!!

Okay, sorry I'm rambling on and on, aren't I? -- I just wanted to share the sentiments of everyone else, ITA that it's all about planning well, not obsessing tho, and being creative :)

Sister Sassy said...

Mel, one of my favorite snacks is Honey Braided Pretzles with Hummus. YUMMUS!