Friday, August 29, 2008

Pre Kchaos

I guess its official... I'm old. I have a kid that goes School. Ok, its only preschool, but its still school.

Last night we went to the open house. The school he'll be going to is an older building without A/C ...many places up here don't really have A/C anyway, but the day was hot and muggy and sitting in a windowless auditorium doesn't make for happy kids.

The principal, who seemed to be trying hard to be interesting, made me want to slit my wrists. She would not.stop.talking.

I looked around at the other parents of mostly 3-7 year olds and thought to myself that this woman wasn't too perceptive about her audience. As evidenced by the fact that as soon as she paused and finished one section, nearly everyone stood to leave... but she wasn't quite done yet. We all left anyway.

Seriously though, I'm happy Kiki is in a school at all! Preschool enrollment has been a nightmare. I signed him up in May for a school that is near downtown and where Logan happens to go. I was 38 on the list, guess I waited too long. But the teacher assured me it'd be fine.

Logan's school wouldn't be able to tell me for sure if he got in until August 16, so they said. Suddenly it is the week before school starts and I STILL don't know. I call and get myself put on the list for the other school downtown. Central Grade School-I was 3rd on the waiting list.

Finally the teacher at Logan's school told me she didn't think she had any openings for him, but then Central Grade called me and offered me M, Tue, Th full days. I snapped them up in hopes of getting him a spot the other two days. Daycare Diva said she probably has room for him to go to her house the other two days till November.

I was going to have him go to the new Center Boogs is going to, but when I was there I saw a little bully on the playground and I decided I didn't want poor Kiki to have to figure out two hierarchies of bullies. I wanted him to just have to learn one. So I decided to keep him at Daycare Diva's till he can get full time Pre-K at Central. I think it is a good move and best for him, even if its not convenient for me.

But to be honest I sort of didn't want him at Central because I consider it to be the "rich school" ... I hate to say that I have one major prejudice, however unfair, about the rich. Here the "numbered streets" have the huge old Victorians and million dollar homes. This school is nestled amongst those numbered streets.

While at the open house, Jim admitted that while I was trying to figure out how old we were compared to other parents, he was trying to figure out which ones were the rich ones. lol. He said he overheard one woman saying, somewhat out of place, "Well we live on 6th street" in a conversation about pick up. He thought it seemed purposeful on her part, and the teacher didn't respond. Oh, and 6th street has probably THE most expensive homes. But I'm not worried about it anymore, the school seems really great and I liked his teacher a lot. I think it's because I went to a school with a good amount of rich kids and HATED EVERY SECOND OF IT.

A bonus of him going to Central is that one of his little girl friends from Diva's is going to be going there. She ran up to him last night and fearlessly took his hand in hers. They walked all the way to the preschool room hand in hand and chatting happily.

It was so sweet I had to snap a picture, while walking-so it's blurry.

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Jen of A2eatwrite said...

Oh, it's that time of year! Leslie over at My Mommy's Place Blog had a long post about pre-K, too.

C went to a school like the one you're describing. You'll soon know what you think of the atmosphere, but the main thing is how Kiki responds. If he loves it, then it's a good match.

The pic of Kiki and his friend is beyond adorable!!!!

And Sassy, I don't think you'll be old even when you ARE old. ;-)

Leslie said...

Oh, I love the picture!

Sadly, at our preschool orientation, I was the one that couldn't stop talking. Truly, it seemed beyond my control. Lucky for the other parents, I have no authority, so they had no obligation to listen to me.

It's not easy sending the little ones out into the big, big world. Now that preschool is here, I feel like everything's different. I'm sure it will be different in a good way, though!

Helena S. said...

That's so cute. :-) Oh, I wish my child would just STOP GROWING!

Sister Big said...

Does he "Love" her?