Tuesday, September 2, 2008


Hi. My name is Sister Honey Bunch and I am a Beverly Hills 90210 addict.

I was beyond thrilled to learn that there was going to be a 90210 spin-off. As much as I loved my relaxing summer, I anxiously waited for it to come to an end. I wanted to catch up with Brenda and Kelly, of course.

Today I picked Logan up from school. We took Kiki to the beach. We ate dinner. We read a couple chapters from our book and finally. Finally. It was time for Tom to put Logan to bed and for me to sit on my comfy couch, drink my diet Coke and watch my show.

Oh, with the disappointment. Within the first five minutes certain activities occurred that even the formerly-trampy Kelly Taylor would not have participated in. And where before, some of the parents were in the entertainment industry, the new parents are in the Porn industry. This is not their mother's 90210, I can assure you.

I lasted all of 20 minutes with this new and improved version and don't expect to go back. Unless Dylan and Branden make a return to compete for Kelly's heart. Then wild horses couldn't keep me away.

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Cristan said...

I only last 20 minutes, too.

Even my husband was indignantly shocked at that 'scene' in the car before school.

Maybe the quality of the show is the REAL reason Tori Spelling didn't sign on.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad I didn't waste my time...such a bummer that so many great movies and shows are ruined by useless crap!

Jen of A2eatwrite said...

I didn't watch it on the "you can't go home again" theory. I'm so sorry it was such a bummer!

Mrs. F said...

I watched all 2 hours of it. That is 2 hours of my life that I will never get back. I should have changed it at Ethan's car scene. Barf.

Valarie said...

Sister HB, long time no read. :) I didn't get to catch it, and probably wont. I just don't think I can get into this one.