Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Music I LOVE!

I mostly do these posts because Sister Big says she likes them and it points her to new music. These songs are all music discoveries from listening to the Pandora Music Network online.

Most of these songs listed here were found while listening to a station I created from the Twilight soundtrack.

First, my new favorite. Iron & Wine. They did the song played during the slow dance between Bella and Edward. The movie has a slightly more pop version than the one that appears on their album. Both are good and I haven't heard a song by this group that I haven't loved!

Flightless Bird:

This is my other favorite by them: Freedom Hangs like Heaven

Now I take you to Great Lake Swimmers. I really love this band, their soothing vocals and music just make me feel peaceful. This is called I Saw You in the Wild, its my second favorite song by them because I couldn't find my favorite song on youtube (I Could be Nothing)

And now The Frames. I found the song by Glen and Marketta on my Twilight Station and realized he is the same guy from the movie and soundtrack Once. I'm going to post two songs here, one from each.

First, by the Frames. I really dig this song. They are a band from Dublin and they play a great live show according to my BFF who went to see them this fall. I also have their album Setlist (borrowed and imported thanks to my local library) and I can tell they are a great live band.

Then the best song from Once, Falling Slowly. So beautiful and haunting and I believe it won an Oscar.

and finally Sufjan Stevens, whom I introduced on my last music post. He sings very mellow soothing songs and if you listen to the lyrics, many of them are about God and Jesus. This one is In the Devil's Territory and I swear I recognize it from a movie. Can anyone tell me which one? I thought perhaps it was on the Juno Soundtrack but I guess not...

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Ashlee said...

Thanks for the new song tips! I'm always looking for new songs to add to my list. That last one does sound like it was from Juno doesn't it?

Sister Sassy said...

I swear it was, at the end when she's deciding what to do and leaves the note for Jennifer. It seems like it was during that part. But it didn't appear on the soundtrack list.

oh well..

fishwithoutbicycle said...

I love Iron & Wine. Catweazle introduced me to their music.

Happy New Year :-)

Jen of A2eatwrite said...

If that wasn't in Juno, then they should sue whomever gave the music to Juno... I'm with you on that one.

These are all great songs!

Helen K. said...

Just went through your flickr album. Very interesting photos. Good photos.

Sister Sassy said...

Lol Helen :) I think I have my most weird ones hidden. But you remind me I need to clean it out and remove the preschool parade.

Happy New Year Helen!

Helena said...

Just wanted to let you know that I changed my address because I was recognized. I like my privacy too. :-)