Friday, February 21, 2014

I'm back in Da Housee!

Hey y'all sister combat honeybunch is back in the house sorry for my long absence I had a stroke last summer and unable to blog and a long long time since I will have the use of one hand now, I'll be dictating this via Siiiri who is often a crack ho and messes things up so this turns into gibberish it's her fault. 

Way yes I did have a stupid stroke  for just a few days after running a half marathon after my stroke to relieve pressure from my brain I hadtwocraniotomy's Answwhich is just a fancy wayof  sayingbrain surgeries (soI'm pretty darn smart now) the doctorsto remove part of my scalp and thryplaced in my stomach to keep it alive which was the weirdest thing in the world because I could feel it through my belly       Anyway,I spent the entire summer in the hospital and following that withsix weeks at a nursing homecoming now  I'm now a pro at using a bedpans  now not something i ever wanted to learn about that was awful is a horrible experience 

I had to relearn how to walk and how to talk I know some like a computer with a mouthful of marbles I'm getting therapy followed that for those things I wentfrom being told I may never walk again to  up igwtting around in a wheelchair to know walking with   just using a straight cane.   
When I was in the hospital I don't know if this is while I was in A coma ,orjust lying in the bed but the words from a humnfrom the church of my childhood were stick in my head on auto-repeat   gaveme such comfort the songis based on believe Psalm 121 To theHi Ills I left my my eyes ahh from whence cmesmy help allmy  helpcomes from the Lord,never slumbers never sleeps    this gave me such comfort tell me that the Lord is not Sleeping on The job. 

All of this to say is that this time was from was probably seven or eight years old the church of my youth so if your parents are-wondering if the faith seeds you planting inyour kids Are taking 
rootI can tell you yes they are continue to fertilize and the plant that growlove it and talk to it

As most of you know I've always been a very independent motivated ambitious career focused person no I suspect most of my days as a sharded in my home watching Steve Harvey of all things I need a 
purpose y'all I want my life back so badly I need to be The wife and mom I used to be

Tom the bomb has been amazing through all this while he's still works full-time during the day and spends the evening taking care of me and and our son if I hadveto go to bathroom throughout the night he has to get up and help me which really does a lot in the romance department. 

My prayer is that the Lord restores me soon so I can be the mom that I need to be first Logan sake and the once I need to be for tom'ssake. 

Spent a lot of my time in the nursing home Prinkey my friends which is so much such a mature thing for me to do and once I returned I would print them and videotape it and post it on YouTube which I'm sure they loved. It was lots of fun y'all you do what you got to do when you're a shut-in to enjoy your day. Don't judge me Turn that this awful experience it's going be used to God's glory at some point I will be healed and I'll be able to minister to minister to others and help them along their journey of hardship


Sister Sassy said...

Glad to see you posting again!

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Glad to see the sisters of a different order back in the house.

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