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Blog post is a \e-run, Yeah I'm with you folks   who wants to keep watching the the same episode ofRoss and Rachel break up?  Clearly, they were on a break.  Of sorts. haHaving gone through all that just to say:   The followinis a post I wrote a couple years ago but sister tSassy and I and I decided it's time to relaunch the old blawg and this is our way of doing it. Lazy,though it may be. I ass I assure you there  will be plenty of new posts on here to bring you up-to-date on my recovery from that bastard (pardon my coarse language) stroke I had and sister Sassy's new family members and the book she recently published!  You could say would been a hare bit busy uphere in the great North. My intention after catching yall upon the excitement of our lives is to go back toWhat I've always loved to write aboutried:  Tori Spelling movies, Hallmark movies, parenting and some Jesus  I'll also throw in some posts  abouts my passion for running It's a fairly new obsession, which makes a couple of my friends roll their eyes CLEANout of their heads at meThey are full of love for me but they hate the whole running thing while sitting cozy on the couch  One final note, my stroke left me one-handed, so i 'm dictating to Siri  Any mistakes are her fault.  She is my sworn enemy .  

I think I might be having a PANIC attack. Or I am just all nerved up because I am so angry at a bunch of fifth grade girls who think it's OK to pick on a kindergartner. My kindergartner to be exact.

Logan was at the bus stop and I was sitting at the end of our driveway waiting for him to be picked up so I could head to work. I was drinking my coffee and picking at my nail polish when I looked up and saw Logan kicking all the girls. Kicking them.

I was horrified and started shouting at him to stop. Then the bus came and I drove to work wondering how I had managed to raise a bully when I'm just a big old wimp myself.

When I picked Logan up later that day he told me the girls were calling him names and he didn't like it. It made sense to his 5 1/2 year old brain that the way to shut. them. up. was to kick them in the shins. And while it worked, I had to explain to him that I don't think kicking girls is cool. Even if they're obnoxious fifth graders who think it's OK to pick on a small child.

I want Logan to always defend himself, but I put an end to the kicking. I told him that if they start saying mean things again to just get in their faces and tell them to knock it off. Tell them they can't call him names. I also told him that girls can sometimes suck.

I certainly don't think all girls are mean. I was one of the nice ones. I hated watching the mean girls make fun of people, and whisper in front of others, and laugh when someone made a mistake. Why do they act that way? A friend of mine has a theory that mean girls have mean moms.

I told Logan I was going to wait with him at the bus stop the next morning. He begged me to not do that. He wanted to handle the situation all on his own. He didn't want his mama fighting his battle.

When he walked up to the bus stop the next day I was ready. If those girls did one single thing that seemed out of line, I was going to have a little chat with them. But they didn't do anything. As a matter of fact they were very nice and all the kids talked and laughed while they waited for the bus.

That night when I was putting Logan to bed I asked him about it. He said,
"I asked God to make them be nice. And he did."

Hmph. Alrighty then. Why hadn't I thought of that?

OK. And in completely and totally unrelated -but-oh-so-freaking-happy news, Jenny Garth has signed on to reprise her role as Kelly Taylor on the new 90210.

Dude. I don't care if this makes you think less of me. This is some of the best news I have heard in a long time. Shut up.

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