Sunday, January 20, 2008

Happy Birthday to Sister Mary Elephant!

This is our sister, Sister Mary Elephant (named that for a Cheech and Chong sketch). She's in the middle of most of these pictures. She is married to Brother One Son, the oldest boy and child in our family and she's an absolutely amazing artist. Here is one of her pieces I think is particularly beautiful.

To see more of her artwork or if you are in the Chicagoland area and would like a mural of your own, Click Here Sister Mary Elephant has been married to my brother since I was 3 years old so I've never known her to be anything but a sister. Today she has a landmark birthday and we want to wish her a happy birthday. So Happy Birthday sister, wish I was there to take you out to a good movie or a good meal and get you sloppy drunk so you could sway out on Sister Big's deck singing Bonnie Raitt.

What? You want to wish her happy birthday too but don't know how? Just click on the little "Gimme Some Sugar" at the bottom of the page and you can leave a comment. :)


Sister Sassy said...

Happy birthday my sister. Kiki and Boogs want to wish you a great and happy fun birthday too! Have a great time!

Sister Honey Bunch said...

Top Ten Things I Love Most about Sister Mary Elephant:

#10 She's a great cook! Watching her is pure entertainment as she chats her way through the recipe. She taught us how to "sneak up on it" when adding to the pot.

#9 She gives sound advice and puts a lot of thought into what she offers.

#8 She has a great laugh!

#7 She is an amazing and wonderful mother.

#6 Her relationship with One Son is the kind I strive toward. They are true friends.

#5 She is a great conversationalist. We all love having discussions with her because she has so much to add and makes it interesting.

#4 She is one of THE BEST story tellers I have ever known. I love it when something new has happened just to hear her describe the circumstances.

#3 Her art. Just check out her website and you'll see why.

#2 She is super-duper smart, well read, and balanced.

#1 She has a HUGE heart and shares it gladly with all of us.

We love you sista! Have a Fabulous 50 Birthday!!!!!

Logan said...

I love you Aunt Robin. When can I come to Chicago? Happy Birthday. That's all.

Sister Big said...

Ditto. Sister Honey Bunch took the words right out of my mouth. Happy Birthday. Hope it's a great one.

Sister 7 said...

Happy Birthday Robin. I hope you have many more. I wanted to tell you we had a blast when we came to visit two years ago and hope to do it again. The girls and I hope to see you this summer.

Take care

Ashlee said...

Her murals are beautiful! Wish I lived in Chicago so she could come and do one in my house!

bonnie said...

Happy Birthday sister. Did you know fifty is the new forty? Have a wonderful time Robin..and one of the things I love most and remember most is Your treats you made on thanksgiving.

Kindred said...

That's DiYanna and Robin! I like DiYanna and Robin.


Rising Rainbow said...

I'm glad you explained about the name because it was the first thing I wanted to know. LOL

Tom in TC said...

Happy Birthday Robin! Hope to see you soon up in TC so you can do some Chi-town cookin' for us.

Jim said...

All us Burke's miss you Robin! We all loved spending lots of time with you in Chicago, even if we needed directions almost every single time :) Hope you have an awesome B-day and we can't wait to see ya again!

Sister Mary Elephant said...

Thank you everyone!!! These tributes are so thoughtful. Judi you are a wonderful writer and storyteller. Much better than I could ever hope to be. You all made my 50th fabulous. Can't wait to get together with all you girls in March!!

Mrs4444 said...

LOVE Sister Mary Elephant! In fact, for $5.00 ($1 for the skit from I-tunes, and $4 for a thingy on ebay that lets him turn stuff into ringtones), my son made a ring tone for me of "Claaaasssss, Claaaasssss," which I use for my friend, who is a teacher. The only bad part is, whenever she calls me, I don't pick up right away, because I love to listen to the ring!

P.S. Sassy, will you please send me the link to the post about your dad? I can't find it! thx