Monday, January 21, 2008

10 Week Challenge Update (and some other stuff)

It's been three weeks since I began my 10 Week Challenge. This is what has transpired:

Up three pounds. Down three pounds. Down half a pound. Up one pound. Bottom line: I gained 1/2 Freaking Pound.

This is my frame of mind:

I thought about throwing in the towel and diving into a bag of Salt and Vinegar Lays Potato Chips out of sheer frustration. But really, what would that prove except that I would now be a frustrated woman wanting to lose weight with greasy, salt-stained fingers.

I stopped by Lysa's blog where she described her battle between her inner Skinny Girl and her inner Fat Girl. Lysa (who is beautiful) shared her weight stats with blogville, including her present weight. I would like to do that too but I just can't for a couple of reasons. The main one is that my husband reads this blog. He isn't blind, but I do like to imagine that he sees me as a "smokin' hot mama" and not the number on my scale or the size of my pants. He can never, ever know that number. Ever. (True story. I was in HEAVY LABOR delivering my son. The nurse needed to check my weight and I made Tom leave the room mid-contraction. I'm just that way, thankyouverymuch.) Anyway, Lysa inspired me.

I sat down and had a little "Come to Jesus" with myself. I am 40 years old and my metabolism? She has sloooowed way down. I must Move. My. Body. Period. The end. I have a nice little workout room at my office
that nobody uses. Look at it! Why do I not take advantage of it? There's even a TV where I can watch Elisabeth Hasselbeck have a smack down Joy on The View.

There is no excuse, so I am committed to working out there three days a week.

Obstacle number two is my PCOS which makes it difficult for me to lose weight. When I take my medication (why don't I, you ask? I'm not sure.) and eat a diet that helps lower my blood sugar and glucose levels, I lose weight. It falls off. So I got this book to help me out with menu planning for a few weeks.

For those of you interested, here is today's menu:

Breakfast: 2 Hard Boiled Eggs
Snack: 1 Stalk of Celery with Natural Peanut Butter
Lunch: 8 oz. Tuna,cucumber on 2 cups of mixed greens and Vinaigrette.
Dinner: 8 0z Chicken breast, 1/2 cup of broccoli and small Caesar Salad.
Snack: 1 oz. Pepper Jack Cheese

If you are struggling to get fit, please come here so we can offer each other support. If you have been successful, quit keeping secrets and share what worked for you. 'Cuz this right here must change.

On to other stuff:

I have become really annoyed with Joel Olsteen and his mega church where he is afraid to quote scripture and mention God, but rather sees himself as a "Life Coach". Buddy, quit taking the hard-earned money of your flock then. Those who want a coach will call your office for an appointment. (I just really needed to get that off my chest.)

If you want to read a great post about friendship and the power to touch lives, visit my friend Dr. Melissa . The girl's got moxie.

Tuesday Sassy and I will be answering questions from two of our favorite bloggers who tagged us, so be sure to check in. Now run over and see Martha and Ashlee today though 'cuz you will really dig them too.

What's that? You want to comment? Just click on the itty-bitty words below that say "Gimme Some Sugar". Can you see them? Good. We can't wait to chat with you.


Karol said...

Hey there. Thank you for stopping by my blog and commenting. I would like to share with you about how I lost weight. Email me and I'll share!

cara said...

Why don't you take your medicine? Seems to me that is what's really important.

Wade Huntsinger said...

Well just hang in there. TC and I have talked about the need to take a few off but daggum it we just like eating too much...

Sister Sassy said...

Wow you were up late! I'm still really pissed at myself for gaining 10 lbs over the holidays. I worked out this morning and will tomorrow and Friday for sure. If I do that I think I'll feel much better at the end of the week.

Stacie said...

I found you on Boomama's page and I just have to offer you some cheerleading!!!


Oddly, we have the same type of workout room in my office too and I vow (even if I am the only one) to not let that equipment sit and be wasted money.

So YAY. Good luck to you.

OH, my goals...I currently doing weight watchers and I have to lose 23 more lbs. First week I lost 3, have you thought about joining WW?

Ashlee said...

I gained 50 pounds with baby #2 and after having her only lost 15 pounds. Sigh. I didn't let my hubby see how much I weighed either. :0) After 6 months of hoping the rest would just go away, I had to do the SERIOUS diet. Actually it wasn't so horrible. I just made myself accountable for what I ate. I went to and put in EVERYTHING I ate. I was surprised at how bad some of the stuff I cooked with FREQUENTLY was. So, did take three weeks for me to lose a single pound though. Which was frustrating. I almost quit. But after that I lost all of it. YAY!
Don't give up! You can do it!

Sister Sassy said...

Sparkle People? I need to check that out.
Btw- Honey you totally need to take the meds. Power through- you know after the 2 week mark(or even sooner) you'll feel so much better.

Anonymous said...

Good luck with the weight loss! It sucks to work so hard at trying to lose and then get on the scale and find out you gained.
Good luck with the working out. I used to hate working out, but now I just view it as "Me Time" and enjoy it!
Just know there are plenty of people in the same boat as you (ME) and we're all here for you!

Beck said...

Weight is an awful, awful thing. I have trouble forgiving myself for my current weight and at the same time, I have trouble getting my chubby butt off my couch and exercising. Sigh.

Sister Honey Bunch said...

Why don't I take my medicine? I don't know. The main reason is the side-affects for the first two weeks that I start taking the meds.

I'm starting them tomorrow. Ick.

Sister Big said...

One day last fall I was on my way home from work and heading to the gym. I was exhausted and kept trying to talk myself into going to the gym instead of going straight home. After all, I had worked hard and deserved a night off. I was losing the battle - I had decided to go home and take the night off from working out. As I got just about to the gym entrance, I noticed a couple of people walking on the sidewalk. As I glanced back at them in my rearview mirror, I saw a lot of rear! Needless to say, I pulled into the gym. I'm not being critical of the overweight, just saying I know how it happens. We keep eating and quit moving our bodies. Eat less and move more (and you take your meds). I just had this conversation with a coworker today. We decided thinking about our weight and what we eat every day, all day is taking a toll on us. We've decided to stop talking and start doing! Good luck to you and everybody else who has made the commitment (again!).

Sister Honey Bunch said...

Stuck to it today with ZERO cravings. Starting the meds tomorrow.

Sister Sassy said... youngest got kicked out of daycare for a poopy diaper so I went home and ate some M&Ms. But other than that I was good today.

saintseester said...

I've done the same thing over the past few weeks, down 2 up 2


Brother Jimmy Eat World said...

Sister HB, love ya, but did you call the doctor yet about getting back on that medicine that will help? If I was a betting man I would say no. So pick up the damn phone and call!!!!!