Tuesday, January 22, 2008

We've Been Double Tagged

Martha and Ashlee tagged us so we're splitting up the fun. We will both answer Martha's questions so you get double the pleasure. Since our blog is a bit of a newbie, we will fake our way through Ashlee's questions. Don't judge us.

4 jobs We have had:
Honey Bunch:
A Dental Assistant right after I graduated high school (CRABBY dentist!)
B Preschool Teacher during college (I loved this job)
C Retirement Community Manager (The Most fulfilling by far)
D Business to Business Sales (Made the most money but wanted to slit my wrists due to crazy stress.)

A. Cobbler: Really. I repaired shoes and since I'm only 5 feet tall I was called "Elf" on more than one occasion. I shamefully quit that job with no notice. I walked up to the lady and apologized profusely then ran away. I'm serious. I ran away.

B. An Advocate for the Housing Department for a Native American Tribe here in Northern Michigan. I loved this job, got to do some real community organizing, felt to some extent I was making a real difference. But I didn't have job stability so I left.

C. Youth Services Coordinator at a very large national social service organization...that also has thrift stores. I worked with my hubby in a program we helped create that taught at risk young people how to start a small business. It was great, the kids were great, the program was great but the social service leadership...not so great.

D. Accounts Director for a international Technology company. I love who I work with, I enjoy my work and have lots of fun. I also get to be creative which is important. It's not very social worky but I can do that in my free time...free time?? Who'm I kidding?

4 movies We would watch over and over again:
A) Best In Show
B) Baby Boom
C) Fargo
D) Elf

Let me start by saying some of these are not my favorite movies, but they are movies I've tended to watch over and over again for some reason...and still will
A) Smoke Signals
B) Pleasantville
C) Practical Magic
D) Dick

4 places We have lived:
A) Kalamazoo, MI
B) Des Moines, IA
C) Petoskey, MI
D) Traverse City, MI
A) Kalamazoo
B) Alabama (for about 3 months)
C) Chicago
D) Traverse City

4 people who We email daily:
A) Sassy
B) My Husband
C) Leigh (who responds very rarely because she is very important)
D) Emilie and Lisa

A) Honey Bunch
B) Dan, my best friend who thinks it's really funny to forward me these daily random inconsequential email updates she receives from this girl we knew in high school but weren't that good of friends with. Thanks Dan :).
C) um....wow, this is sad. I don't know. I guess I don't have friends I email daily very often.
D) Does IM count?

4 favorite things to eat:
A) Yummy Salads
B) Baked Potato Pizza
C) Gnocchi that Sister Big makes
D) Guacamole. And more Guacamole

A)Chips and Salsa
B) Pico de Gallo and chips....close to A
C) Ethiopian Vegetarian Feast
D) Cheese Delight from Oasis in Ann Arbor...oh if only I could replicate that recipe.

4 places We would rather be:
A) At home finishing my book I started reading Saturday.
B) At home with Tom who has the day off.
C) On the boat with a nice cold one.
D) With my WHOLE family hanging out at Sister Big's.


A)out taking pictures with a new camera. I really want this one bad!
B) In a hot bath reading a good book
C) Not thinking about how crabby I am about daycare
D) Snuggling with my husband, he works till 10:00 tonight

4 things We look forward to this year:
A) Spring Break with Tom and Logan
B) Summer with Tom and Logan
C) 3rd Annual Women in our Family "Let's Get Together and Talk" Getaway
D) The Post Place Girls Getaway AKA Lisa's 40 and Fab Celebration in July


A)Moving out of my 960 sq foot condo into a home that is at least 965 sq feet

B)My re-commitment Ceremony with my darling husband

C)A vacation somewhere...anywhere. I'm sure there has to be something out there

D)A weekend alone with my best friend, this one is a long time coming and the Let's Get Together and Talk Girls Weekend.

4 people We will tag:

A) Chrissa at Ramblings of a Stay Home Mom
B) Shalee at Shalee's Diner

C) Wade

D) Faboo mama

Tag, You're It
Here are the Instructions:

Go back through your archives and post the links to your five favorite blog posts that you’ve written under the following categories: Family, Friends, Who Am I, Freestyle Blogging...unfortunately we haven't been blogging long enough to really satisfy all these categories without stretching so we modified a bit.

1. FAMILY: This post seem to get the most emotional reactions and just as many comments. Its the post about my visit with my very ill father and my mother, his ex-wife.

2. FRIENDS Big Mama and Boo Mama are blogging rock stars. These two have become friends with each other in real life and now have a podcast, which is pretty darned funny. Though neither of us are friends with them, Sister Honey Bunch pretends she is inside her head.

3. WHO AM I? Well, we don't have this written yet. This is a future post. It will be a series called "Tales from the Cult". You'll have to stay tuned to learn about growing up all culty and stuff.

4. WHAT SISTER HB LOVES Relaxing Sundays hanging with my boys.

5. FREESTYLE BLOGGING(Sister HB's Blog of choice)
Sassy's favorite blogs that HB has written: You're Mean, Super Mean!
Honey We Need to Talk

What's that? You want to comment? Just click on the itty-bitty words below that say "Gimme Some Sugar". Can you see them? Good. We can't wait to chat with you.


Ashlee said...

Thanks so much for play tag with me! I didn't even realize you guys were new to the blog world. You do such a good job with it, I guess I assumed you'd been doing it for a while. :0)

BTW...I have the D50 Nikon camera and LOVE it! It's almost considered one of my children. :0)

Sister Sassy said...

Ashlee- when I come over to drool about your basement steal your camera?

MommytoA&J said...

wow - I'm mentioned twice - I'm famous .... how cool is that!!


Emilie said...

I have never been mentioned in a blog before...See, I KNEW you loved me....
Now-just admit it here..in public.
C'mon...it's OK...everyone will know soon enough, anyway.

Brother Jimmy Eat World said...

I so forgot that you were a cobbler! Hey, now that I think of it I have two pairs of dress shoes that are in serious need of repair, you think you could come cobble them for me? Please? Pretty Please???

AND I. CAN. NOT WAIT. FOR OUR CEREMONY!! Sept 19th 08 will be a great day, that I talk about for many many years to come!

Martha said...

Awwww, how sweet is your hubby, Sassy?

Thanks for playing, ladies! I love to read other people's Meme answers!!