Thursday, January 3, 2008

Honey, we need to talk.

I'm at work today doing very important things like checking out to learn if Nicole Richie had her baby and admiring the beauty that is the Affleck family. Oh, and talking to my hard-to-please resident who is unhappy with the snowplowing. Sister, we just got hit with 10 inches of snow in the last few days. Give the poor men a break. They are working hard in these freezing temperatures.

Anyway, while I was busy slaving away, my husband and son stop in to pay me visit. My Sweet Tommy has the day off and he and Logan are making the rounds. I was their first stop. Logan walked into my office and stripped off all his winter gear and settled in for a long stay. He and his hat-head proceeded to unload his bag of goodies. He told his daddy that I don't eat healthy enough (Son, you are 5! What do you know from healthy?) and he brought me a supply of apples, oranges and bananas. He really is a lovebug. Then he ran off to raid my candy dish and see what was on tv in the clubhouse.

My Sweet Tommy stayed in my office and made some casual chit-chat about his plans to go spend Logan's gift card at Kmart and go sledding. I proceeded to give him a list of various products he could pick up for me (you really have to love a man who is willing to pick up hair care products and feminine supplies).

Then he spoke the words we all hate to hear. "Honey", he said. "Do you think we can sit down and have a talk tonight?" Who wants to hear those words I ask you? I told him of course I would be thrilled to have a chat. Did he have anything specific he needed to discuss?

Oh yes, my friends, he does. But he would not share. Instead he kissed me, said he loved me and left. So we will all have to wait until tonight after I eat the dinner he has lovingly prepared (and he is indeed a good cook) and he is ready to have this heart-to-heart.

In the meantime, I think I'll head on over to and see what's going on with those sad little Spears girls. They could sure use a little Come to Jesus from my mom.
My Sweet Tommy and I had our little talk tonight. It seems that I went over my text messaging limit. To the tune of about $40.00. This is a point of consternation with us occasionally. My husband doesn't understand my need to communicate via text message from my cell phone. You see, I might be in a boring business meeting and have the urge to share my pain with a friend. Or, I may be sitting in a doctor's office and need to tell Sassy something that cannot be spoken out loud. Therefore, I text.

My Sweet Tommy's point is that the $40.00 I spent typing words to friends, could have been spent in other places. Like on a date. Together. Or, a fabulous sweater on sale at Macy's. I agreed that I was wrong. I do feel bad.

At the end of our discussion, he informed me that he increased my text messaging package. So, for an additional $5.00 I can send out 1000 messages a month. And still have money left for romance...or a new sweater.

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Sister Sassy said...

Ok, that would have made me throw up! Having to wait to find out what he wanted- I am total worse case scenario girl and I would have spent the whole day thinking of the most awful things and then coming up with plans on how I'd react to them.

Glad it was only about you being a Text Whore.

Sister Honey Bunch said...

I am:
A Textaholic
A Celebaholic
A Reality-Tv-aholic.

I'm not ashamed to admit it. I was THRILLED that the new season of Wife Swap began last night.

katy said...

LOL you crack me up Sister. :) Yay! Glad you got your own blog!

Morgan said...

Funny story, same thing happened to me, but it was the other way around. Brad ended up going over a whopping $80, so we had a talk and I increased the package to more texts per month and he STILL went over by $20. So since I was watching out for his best interest I cancelled text messages all together. However I lost my privleges as well :(

Traci said...

I think it's sweet your five-year old told you don't eat healthy enough and runs to his candy dish. How sweet!

As far as texting is an essential communication method for the reasons you listed. I'm glad he didn't shut it off and instead increased your allot amount! It was nice of him to do that since he made you wait all day to have your talk!

Jim said...

Very funny, I like the sassyness mostly. It intrigues me and make me want to tune in next time to see what you got for me.

And get sister sassy to update that pic of you in the hallway. Don't get me wrong, I like a good hallway, but you look much better than that girly.

Mom on the Run said...

I'm a technotard. I have free text messaging (we have 4 teenagers, it's essential to have free texting) but I have no idea how to make it work on my phone. I did it once a long time ago, but haven't been able to do it since then. And my phone is so old even the kids can't figure it out.

My son had 6000 texts in one month. How do you have time for that? Oh yeah, you never do your homework, then you have plenty of time.

sister big said...

Honey bunch, I didn't know you were cele-bate but you sure are "sassy". I'm here watching Billy Madison with the real Sassy. She's trying to figure out the Moxi and hates it! So, you've decided to let in the rest of the sistas I see. Game on Honey Bunch.

sister big said...

A note about texting; I was in a meeting recently with a female physician. She had on an obnoxious outfit - red jacket, pink shirt, gray slacks and brown shoes. What the? I sat in the meeting feeling like a high schooler wishing I could share with somebody. Then, I pulled out my phone and texted my daughter Rachel and described to her the very colorful, clashing outfit Dr. L was wearing. Mission accomplished! No harm done.

Sister Sassy said...

Mom on the run- you cracked me up with your comment. 6000 txts!! ACK

Heidi ( said...

What a sweet guy! I would have been freaking out about him "wanting to talk later," but to know that he's got you and your texting behind covered..awww...melt!

Martha said...


I watched that Wife Swap!!! Holy CRAP! The Husband from New York was a kook!

Love your blog!

Martha from Elizabeth Hill

RachieRoo said...

I luv txting. Y u ask? IDK, I just do!