Friday, January 4, 2008

Music for the New Year (Ode to Pandora)

I find music to be very soothing and often pertinent to my life. Music is the soundtrack for the movie we're living and sometimes it can open doors into our dark hearts or shine light upon our smiling faces. And sometimes it can even close out the darkness and lift us into the light.

Below I'm going to list some new interesting music I discovered through listening to Pandora which is accurately called the music genome project. They have dissected a gazillion songs and artists and thrown them all into their streaming radio. What you do when you sign up for this FREE streaming radio is type in a song title or artist you like then Pandora will play songs and artists for you that have similar elements and influences. You can thumb up songs you like and thumbs down those you don't (thumbs down immediately stops the song from playing). As you go through your songs you hone your "station" until it's perfect for you. This site has introduced me to some great new artists I've never heard of and helped me to fall in love with artists I'd only heard some mainstream stuff of but never experienced their full beauty. So below I'm going to list my favorite station (actually a combination of a few elements) and the great songs I've found through it.

My station is actually a "Quickmix" of a few of the best stations I've created. It's Table for One by Liz Phair, Fade Into You by Mazzy Star, Hey There Delilah by Plain White Tee's and Night Swimming by REM. Through this salmagundi I have found an audiory experience that is quite divine.

Coming Through the Woods, is the current soundtrack for my life. I'm simply going to list some of the songs below and comment on a few. Please remember these are just my take on the music, each listener hears different things.

Samson- Regina Spektor

Beautiful lyrics and voice. I love this song! Have you ever "cut the hair" of someone you loved and caused some great pain to them?

Table for One- Liz Phair

For me this song is about the struggle of overcoming your demons and angst against those who joyfully aid you in your downfall and about realizing what is wrong with you.

Space Travel is Boring- Sun Kil Moon- this is a slow remake of a Modest Mouse Song.

Ben Folds Five- Ok, who didn't hear Brick in the 90's? Was that the 90's? Wow I'm old. But from listening to Pandora I've heard his song Luckiest which reminds me very much of my feelings about my husband (stop gagging Sister Honey) and Magic which I just think is plain beautiful. I would never have discovered these songs without Pandora.

The Maker-Dave Mathews- Again, who doesn't know Dave Matthews, but seriously I've never been that big of a fan until I heard him do a live version of this song on Pandora. LOVE IT! I feel this song.

I Will Follow You into The Dark-Death Cab for Cutie- this song is essentially what my husband has said to me on occasion (hush Sister Honey) and it makes me feel warm and safe when i hear it.

Mother to the Moon -Jason Myles. Oooooh, what a voice, need I say more?

And Jose Gonzalas, I think he has such a lovely sound.

Besides these beauties I've also discovered slow strange remakes of songs like Jessie's Girl and Time after Time. You can go to Pandora and do a song search and sample these odd and beautiful songs, you can sample songs off the entire albums or you can just listen to whatever comes your way.

Now go build your soundtrack! Happy Listening!

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Sister Honey Bunch said...

Yeah, you have to be careful with sharing your Pandora stations with friends. For instance, when I chose to share mine with Sassy. It was music that touched my heart. She told me I should name it John Tesh Radio. That's when I decided she was truly an awful awful sister.

RachieRoo said...

I've never used Pandora, but I need to. I don't have any music or anything at work, and when I'm not busy watching Season 3 of Lost, I need something to listen to. I'm going to check it out....

Sister Honey Bunch said...

I just talked to Sassy who is sitting in a North Carolina airport with our mom. She reminded me that my Pandora station is NOT John Tesh. She compared it to David Hasselhoff. The Hoff! Can you believe her??? Rude.

Ashlee said...

I too love music! I have about 1500 songs in my iTunes collection. Different genres for different moods. Some days I need a nice mellow tune...and others, something I can scream with. I'll have to check out Pandora. Thanks!

Jim said...

When Sister Sassy first showed me Pandora, I thought, just another radio station that you have no control of except choosing 'alternative' or 'rock' but then she turned me on to really playing with it and fine tuning it. I love it now. I am even experimenting with one station trying to get punk bands that just play covers of 80's songs (video killed the radio star, time after time) . Ya, I swing that way. Thanks Sister Sassy!

sister big said...

I too love music and have different theme songs for different times of my life. It's late now, but tomorrow I plan to mess aroung with Pandora and listen to the Hoffmiester.