Saturday, January 5, 2008

Must See TV is finally here.

Those of you who know me understand that I have a very deep and personal relationship with my tv. I'm not embarrassed to admit it. I'm very comfortable about who I am and realize the fact that being excited that Wife Swap has finally come back on does not make me a bad person. Or a stupid one. Just someone who enjoys a good trainwreck now and then.

And friends, a massive trainwreck is about to occur tonight at 9pm. I will be front and center all cozy and ready to watch it happen with My Sweet Tommy ( but without a big bowl of buttered popcorn due to my 10 Week Challenge). This is going to be good. It is Celebrity Apprentice. Need I say more? Yes? Ok, I will.

Let's take a peek at some of the cast:

First, we have Nadia Comenici. I saw her win the Olympic Gold Medal when I was a very young girl. This woman is strong and smart. She's going to kick some serious celebrity butt. Nadia's not afraid of anyone. Just look at her. She looks ready to front-walkover anyone who crosses her path. And she'll do it with grace and style too.

Then we have Marilu Henner. You remember her. She's that girl from Taxi. She also has that Total Health Makeover thing going on due to her unfortunate career slow-down. I'm not at all sure WHY she agreed to use this photograph to promote the show. It aint pretty Marilu. It makes you look a little...cartoonish. It's weird. And kind of scary. Joan Rivers scary. Please change it.

Now we need to talk about Gene Simmons. Seriously. Gene Simmons of KISS. And The Family Jewels. And the hugest most ginormous tongue EV-AH. He can certainly rock and roll all night. And party every day. But can he really compete in the business world? I don't know. I have friends who seem to think he will be a very savvy businessman. I'm sure my friend Johnny thinks so too. Johnny has helped make Gene a very rich man buying up all the concert t-shirts and cd's through the years.

And you know who Gene Simmons needs to watch out for? Trace Adkins, that's who. Good ol' Trace will be there and those country boys can scrap. He's a Honky Tonk Badonkadonk kinda guy.

We have others to look forward to. There are the random participants like a token Playboy Playmate, a boxer, some judge I've never heard of, a model and of course, one of the Baldwin Brothers.

And then, there's Omarosa. This girl means trouble. And really good TV my friends. She is a master pot-stirrer and will have the other celebrities in tears within the first couple of days. Mark my words.

We will have fun watching this each week and talking about it here at Sisters Of A Different Order. Maybe I can even talk Sassy into watching with us. She's not a freak like me.


Alright, this show was all kinds of good. My friend Leigh and I love to watch these kinds of shows together. Now, she lives in Wisconsin and I live in Michigan, so we have to do it over the phone, but it's still fun. Here's what we came up with.

The short story is that the men tromped all over the women.

They call themselves Hydra, which is a mythic seven-headed creature that even Hercules couldn't defeat. I thought it was funny that the girls (Omarosa) said the name was dumb. They need to go buy a thesaurus.

None of the other men really impressed me too much. They didn't talk alot, Stephen Baldwin stood around hoping people would think he was Alec. The judge argued with people who only wanted to pay $5.00 for a bottle of water. And the boxer had his girlfriend stop by. Jenna Jameson. The PORN star. Nice.

Omarosa set the table of failure for her team. She was the Project Manager and the first thing she did was tell her team they could NOT use their celebrity to bring in the money for the challenge. She is an idiot.

Marilu came through for the women though. She's smart, she's funny and she called in some favors. She used her celebrity. I feel bad about my earlier comments regarding that unfortunate picture. It's all good though. She just might win this thing.

Carol Alt seems to be a fighter. Omarosa brought Carol and the Playmate into the boardroom with her and Miss Carol was NOT going out without a fight. Unlike the Playboy Bunny (whose name escapes me). She should have defended herself better. But she didn't and she was sent packing.

And that brings us to Omarosa. She annoys the ever-loving heck out of me. She should have been the one to get fired; but she creates controversey, therefore she gets to stay. And what was with that suit she wore to the boardroom at the end?? Not attractive.

The previews for next week look really good. Apparantly Gene Simmons offends Ivanka Trump. We'll chat about that next Friday!

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Ashlee said...

You know..I watched the first couple of seasons of this show and then got bored. I didn't watch the celebrity one the other night either. Sounds like it was pretty good and since there is NOTHING else on tv right now perhaps I might have to take a peek next week. Thanks for the info!

btw...I LOVE tv as well. There is nothing wrong with it. :0)

Jim said...

Now you show your weakness sister honey bunch!
I remember looking forward to 'The Donald' and what wierd/obnoxious thing he would say next. I havn't watched it for the past 2 seasons. Is he even on it anymore, or has he handed the torch over to his kids? Are they as wierd/obnoxious as him? Its been awhile.
Anyway, thanks again for the insight sister. Keep the good stuff a coming!

Sister Honey Bunch said...

Oh, he's still on it. This week he mentioned his close and personal relationship with Hugh Heffner about 127 times. His kids are on too. They are much better than him IMO

Traci said...

I have to say I am hooked on celeb apprentice. Here are some of my thoughts:
Omarosa's suit was fugly, no way to justify that. Did she look in the mirror before she left with that on? It was suit gone wrong sister! I was looking forward to a Omarosa and Carol Alt smackdown but alas it did not come maybe in the upcoming weeks. Was it just me or does Donald Jr. look like a 14-yr old in prep school sitting at that table and how long is Gene Simmons really gonna last. I think the guys are gonna get tired of his crap real soon, he doesn't contribute a whole lot and likes to talk on his cell phone while they are brainstorming. I was sorry to see the women lose because I was cheering for my fellow fems but they got spanked, and did they honestly lose because bunny Tiffany wouldn't call Heff to buy a weiner or because Om said not to use their celebrity? I want to know what they are doing on the show if they aren't going to use their celebrity status?

Chrissa said...

I, too, enjoy a good trainwreck! I just can't bring myself to watch the celebrity apprentice. I think it's because of "The Donald". Maybe if he'd quite trying to hide his baldness behind that horrid comb-over, or more like a comb-forward and then comb-backward, then maybe I could watch it! :)

Sister Honey Bunch said...


You are a girl after my own heart!

Col said...

It's Col (Lisa's friend)
I love the show and have some other favorites that are coming back and a new show; Dance Wars and American Idol! Who doesn't love a good train-wreak?
I did like Gene and really dislike that evil bee-otch! (have no idea how to spell that) haha
Have a great night,

sister big said...

After reading your review, I scheduled my TiVo to record all future shows and happened to catch the first episode in rerun. Omaroosa (sp) needs to calm down! Gene Simmons rocks and the Baldwin boy tries way too hard. Thanks for the hook up.