Monday, January 14, 2008

Weekend In The House Of Sick

My Friday morning started out with my little ones waking up and looking a They didn't seem themselves and I suspected they might be sick however my darling hubby, at 30 years old, had an appointment to get his wisdom pulled and I had to be there the whole time. I felt like I had no choice but to drop them off at daycare and run out of there before they had a chance to look at them closely. Geez I wish my mother lived in town. But I figured if they did get sick I could get them after my darling was out of surgery. Above you see his x-ray, notice the lower right tooth (left in the picture) and how it came in sideways buried in the jaw bone up against a nerve. Fun! Just so you can truly appreciate this I have included a closer up picture of that tooth with an arrow pointing. Ouch huh? After warning us that this tooth was so close to the nerve that there could be some temporary nerve damage they sent me away to put him under. Thanks for that tid bit to worry about while I wait. They put him under with an IV and the extraction ended up taking twice as long as they anticipated. Three of the four gave them quite a bit of trouble. This is him post op. He'd like me to tell you that he doesn't always look quite so horrible. He didn't bother to do his hair or shave and he's quite out of it. In fact he pretty much doesn't remember anything that happened during this time.

I took him home, got him his meds and pureed him something to try to eat then went in to work for an hour. I'd missed a lot because of visiting Dad and my kids getting sick during Christmas so I was going to email myself a bunch of stuff to do from home. I checked in at Daycare and they confirmed that the boys didn't look great so they called as soon as they woke and I got them. Sawyer (the youngest) seemed the worst. He was lethargic and his breathing was rapid and labored. I immediately gave him a double Albuteral breathing treatment but that didn't seem to help so I called the Pediatrician. They were booked so it was off to urgent care with him, leaving my dazed husband to monitor the 3 year old. Urgent care seemed to be less than urgent and took forever. I seemed to be the only one urgent in the place. Maybe we all think our issues are most important but I had a labored breathing baby!

We finally got in, were seen, had two sets of x-rays done and then a nose swab to check for RSV and the Flu and they sent me home and told me they'd call in the morning with the results. So by that night I'm a big stress ball, I'm worried because he's still breathing hard and all I can think to do is eat M&M's because...well, if you can't do anything else you might as well eat chocolate right? Here is a picture of me getting ready to stress eat. At least I practiced portion control, that has to count for something, right?

Saturday morning I snapped this picture of all of them in bed, snotty, wheezy and swollen. All three of my boys laid up and miserable. With my massive sinus infection, occasional phlegmy cough and bouncy ball sized tonsils I'm the healthiest of the bunch. Sad isn't it.

It turns out that Sawyer has RSV...great. And I don't know what is wrong with Kindred (the oldest) but he is wheezing too so I put them both on a regimen of breathing treatments every four hours. Personally RSV scares the spit out of me, you see those ads with the tiny baby with breathing tubes up their nose and I worry constantly we'll end up in the hospital like that. Thankfully Sawyer's breathing normalized and Kindred only has a slight wheeze going so I relaxed a bit.

Here are my boys getting their breathing treatments. They were such little champs. But by Saturday afternoon I realized that with how much meds we were using we were going to be out so I called in the Rx and had my husband write me a shopping list of mushy food that he wanted. Picked up the Rx, got some vitamins for the kids and Healthy Kids Orange Juice as well as the stuff from my husband's list.

As I check out I became really self conscious because of what the checkout people must think when they saw what I was buying.

Of course she has to buy special healthy drinks and vitamins for her kids because all she feeds them is junk.

Here is a picture of all the crap I bought for my husband. At least there was some apple sauce and fruit cups in there. But you can imagine why I was embarrassed.

And here is my husband with frozen peas on his face. Isn't he cute? Poor guy has some major dental work done and he has barely complained at all except to tell me how quickly food has gotten boring. Not only didn't he complain, he saw how freaked out I was getting because the kids were so sick and he sits me down and tries to give me a back rub! What a man! Plus my guy had to work an 8 hour day on Sunday, he is truly amazing. I don't know what I'd ever do without him. I promised him I'd post a good picture of him in another blog lol.

The best part of my weekend was the 3 hour nap my husband and I took on our couch Saturday. Nothing like a long afternoon in the arms of the one you love (cheesy grin). By Sunday the kids seemed to be doing much better although I decided to keep up the frequent treatments to be safe. But that sums up my weekend, sickies coming out of my ears, shut in my 860 sq feet condo and trying not to go insane. I cannot wait for Spring!


Jim said...

Thanks for sharing my second worst looking picture ever. Now all you have to do is dig through my seventh grade yearbook and find my worst-mullet, bad sweater, earing, and bad glasses.
Honestly thanks for taking care of all of us (you did a great job) and thanks for not going postal over the weekend either.

Sister Sassy said...

Anything for the love of my life and the spawn of your loin. lol!

Sister Honey Bunch said...

Poor Jim! I have to say, he has the world's longest freaking arms. Check out the picture of him and the boys!

Kindred and Sawyer are such troopers. Those breathing treatment pictures make me want to snuggle them!

Ashlee said...

So sorry! What a trying weekend! My baby had RSV at 2 months. He did end up in the hospital with tubes up his nose for 2 days. It's a scary thing. Glad to hear that everyone is on the mend! Hopefully this is the end of it all!

mom of 2 said...'ve been busy taking care of those sick boys! Travis had rsv twice as a baby and it is scary! The breathing treatments are good though. Hope they're all doing better now!

Beck said...

Ack! My wisdom teeth have to come out, and I am not looking forward to it.
Everyone is sickish here, too - isn't this the grimmest part of winter, the constant fug of germs?

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on making it through a weekend full of sick boys! I'm impressed, mostly because when I'm sick I just want to crawl under the covers and cry and you managed to care for 3 other people AND yourself. Good for you!
Hope your husband and boys feel better!

faboo said...

They extracted? Man, my teeth are the exact same way. I found that out back in '91. Not one dentist will extract them. All of my wisdom teeth are like that. Every dentist I have ever had (7 since '91) has said either they'll either have to break my jaw or I'll have to live with it.