Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Yeah, We Party Like Rock Stars Around Here.

I woke up this morning eager to take on the day and excited about writing my first entry for this blog. Then I received my first Instant Message from Sassy. She was wondering when I thought I would be done writing my post. I explained to her that I was in need of a bit more coffee first. She didn't stop with that one message. Oh no. That's not her style, my friends. She emailed me with some more gentle prodding. Again and again. It's New Year's Day, ya'll. I'm busy taking down my Christmas decorations and making my home feel less festive. (The Little Guy seems to think every day is Christmas if the house still looks like Christmas. I must kill his hope of daily presents before he kills my bank account.)

But Sassy will have none of that. She breaks down and calls me to find out when I will post. Our legion of fans will be disappointed if they stop by and there is nothing new to read, she explains. If I would like, Sassy would be more than willing to write today's blog post for me. And like a good sister, I told her to shut up and go find herself some patience. Then I went to take a nap with my son.

In all honesty, I love Sassy. No one else in this world thinks they can try to be the boss of me the way my sister does. But, she has supplied my son with some buddies he will have for life. Who needs brothers when they can have a Kiki and a Boogah?

Above are some pictures of the three boys on New Year's Eve. Boogah is the one who is asleep in the pack and play. He can't party like it's 1999.

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Sister Sassy said...

I am a rockstar! Glad you didn't include the pictures of my drunk husband and Kiki and Gogo wearing your lipstick.

Emilie said...

Dear, sweet Judi......You crack my ass up.
LOVE the blog...keep them coming!

Scrappy Bitch Step-Sister said...

JacquAAAAAAY! You know how Sister JMM was impatient with you about writing your first blog? Yeah? That's how she was with me all goshdarn day about looking at and giving my comments on this thing. I''m still pissed I wasn't included. I'm going to go make a vanilla milkshake and take a nap.

Scrappy Bitch Step-Sister said...
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