Saturday, February 9, 2008

Tune Tag and I WAS a Hairy Mo Fo

Ashlee tagged us but since we had a heavy week of posts planned we haven't had a chance to get to it till now. The tag is all about music, your five favorite songs and here we go!

Beautiful Day by U2: (HB's choice) Tom and I had been dating for about five months when I went to Jamaica with my friend Joy. I had a great time, but really looked forward to seeing him when I got home. I had butterflies in my tummy on the entire four hour drive from the airport to Traverse City because I was so excited to see him again. The song Beautiful Day kept playing during the drive back-and it was a beautiful day. Sunny, beginning of spring and I was going to be seeing Tom again. Now whenever I hear that song I think of him and the beginning of our relationship. (Now everybody say it with me: "Awwwwww")

No Shoes No Shirt No Service (HB's choice) When Logan was about two, Tom bought a Kenny Chesney CD and Logan proceeded to fall in love with this song. He would SHOUT out the words "No shoes! No shirt! No problem!" as loud as he could dancing as close to the speaker as he could get. A-dor-able and he still loves the song.

Kind and Generous (Sassy and HB's pick) This song always reminds me of my sisters. My sisters and I falling in love as Natalie Merchant sang on stage at Lillith Faire and then later all of us dancing in a circle with knocked up HB at her wedding. Good memories great song!

Sugar High: (Sassy's pick) This song reminds me of my recent discovery (not re-discovery) of my love for my husband. We were both just so happy and excited about this newness that this song just really captured our excitement for each other. This may seem somewhat confusing since i say recent yet I've been married for over 10 years, but I'll be writing about this for Valentines Day. Since you've probably never heard it or of it I'm going to post a Youtube video since Pandora doesn't have it :(


Dust in the Wind: (Sassy's song) If you don't know this song then wow... go find it and listen to it. This song I heard for the first time as a frightened little girl. I was prone to reoccuring nightmares (still am) and was terrified of night. Terrified. I laid awake and finally I decided to turn on my clock radio and this song came on. Something about this song made the cold heaviness melt away and I could suddenly breath again.
So there you have it! We're not going to tag anyone specifically so anyone who reads this can play along, but be sure to comment here so we can come read yours!
Thanks for the fun game Ashlee!!

...speaking of Ashlee...
Ashlee challenged us to blog about a part of our body that we hate and since I can't just take a picture of my entire body (how sad is that) I decided to pick my legs/knees.

My knees are ugly and look knobby and more like boy knees. But while contemplating this challenge I thought about how I hadn't shaved my legs for about 2 months or more....well, thats not entirely true, I shaved one leg about a month ago then gave up when the razor died.

But I wondered...could I really see my legs through all the hair? Maybe while my hair was growing my legs mysteriously became beautiful? I wasn't sure so I decided I better shave them to find out, just in case they weren't ugly anymore.

As much as I say I don't shave for the extra insulation from the Northern Michigan cold, I really don't like hairy legs that much. I'm just lazy. And it actually causes a problem like on days when I don't have clean pants yet can't wear a skrit becasue my braidable leg hair will poke through...or when Sister HB's male friend tried to gallantly help me get my boot on while I was holding my sleeping baby. I suddenly became shrew-ish, insisting I had it covered because I was afraid he'd see my leg hair and throw up in his mouth. They were that bad....see below.

NO that is NOT a man's leg, it is my very hairy knobby knee with that lumpy fleshness above it (or below it because the picture is kind of upside down)

I got three razors just in case. My favorite of the disposables is the middle one but the other two are there for the first go round. Like using scissors before you use the clippers.

To shave, which I am by no means an expert at because I only tend to do it a few months out of the year, I like to use soap, don't know why- just always have. My soap is Dove Cucumber something and I love the smell of it. You should check it out!

I decided to try to go with my fav razor, you can see it's cutting a nice little patch through the hair, but will it last for both legs?

EW! Sorry to subject you with all this hairiness!

Finally after about a good 15 minutes I am clean shaven. Lets check out and see if I still hate my knee.

Aw, Shucks...still there. Oh well...

My Jimmy Eats World still loves them and after 10 years had no clue about what I was talking about when I was describing what I don't like my knees.

It's time for your Lent Family Devotional,

brought to you by Sister H.B.


I John 5:13-15

All of you have faith in the Son of God, and I have written to let you know that you have eternal life. We are certain that God will hear our prayers when we ask for what pleases him. And if we know that God listens when we pray, we are sure that our prayers have already been answered.


saintseester said...

I'm laughing so hard, now. Not at the Lenten devotional, at the hairy knees. Mine are really hairy - I need to shave. I have that same dove soap in my shower. It is creamy and soothing and smells good. Maybe I will shave today and then go play in the hottub with my man.

Jen said...

I'm kind of a hair removal freak. I don't know when it started, but I'm fairly compulsive about shaving.

My body part would be my nose. It's got a slight bump in it from being broken THREE TIMES (to say that I'm klutzy would be the understatement of the year), and it's a bit bigger than I'd like. But it's pretty good at smelling baking bread, my niece's baby smell, fresh cut grass, and my husband, so I suppose I like it well enough!

Have a great weekend!

Sister Big said...

The knobby boy knees come from grandma Cecil. I remember as a child noticing her unattractive knees, and guess what? I've got them now! Sounds like you do too. Love the Sugar High song. I first heard it on the movie, Empire Records. Thanks for the shaving lesson.

amanda said...

haha! Love the pics. I like the middle razor the best also. And I really like Will Ferrell's version of Dust in the Wind from Old School. :)

Sister Honey Bunch said...

Not that there's anything wrong with being knocked up at your own wedding.

Dude. Am I the only one trying not to puke at the hairy pictures?

Jane the Sane said...

Ha ha Sassy. I totally posted about you today.

Brother Jimmy Eat World said...

I really don't mind the hairy legs, but wow those f**ckers were hairy. The pics really don't show just how long and hairy you really were! I'm glad that Spring is less than two months away ;)
And thanks for the sugar high, my love

Ashlee said...

I forgot about Sugar High! Thanks for reminding me. Love the rest of your pics too. :0) THanks for playing!
And holy hairy legs! :0) I let mine get fairly bad in winter too. Every Sunday when it's time to put on a dress I cringe that I must now put on nylons to cover up the hair. Sigh. Why is it that women have to and men don't?
THanks for the devotional HB! Good thought for the day!

tired mom said...

I need to put on my depends before I read the blogs!! love the hairy legs!!! You would make a good yooper woman. My biggest fear is a car accident or ilness during the winter months. THat actually happened to me a few years ago. I was hospitalized in march for 2 weeks. I was so upset about my legs that a friend actually came in and helped me shave. And one gave me a pedicure!

Wade Huntsinger said...

OK, that could be more info that I needed but whatever....My worst part is my nose, as it appears around the corner long before I do. But, I was bitten by a bird dog around age 11 and had 42 stiches, but that did'nt do it all as it was already long. Let's just say that because God knows all the hair on my head, he had less and less to count these days.

Jen of A2eatwrite said...

Okay, this is way too funny...