Saturday, March 22, 2008

The Amazing Nap!

It is amazing what a good nap will do for you. Simply amazing! I feel (and I know I've read there is a connection) there is a relationship between lack of sleep and depression. I especially think its huge for post partum depression. I saw this play out in me when I was a stay home mom in Chicago after Boogs was born. I was depressed in general, because life was pretty sucky, but on days I was tired I was miserable. Just miserable.

Well, I've been tired the last couple of days, really tired. And I've been really on edge with the kids and crabby in general. I've even had a low sneaking suggestion of depression creeping up my shoulder. And I look at JimmyEW and apologize for being harsh, critical, crabby and what have you, then just shake my head and tell him I don't know why. I suggest one thing or another, but nothing concrete. I was in a funk. Then today I took a glorious nap. Sweet beautiful nap of maybe an hour and a half. And I'm feeling good, energized, happy and like I'm not a monster mom anymore. Not to mention that I woke up and found a beautiful email from kspin, who I adore, in my email. Go read her amazing blog!

So now I feel good and happy in spite of the odor of a poopy diaper assaulting my nose. I'm taking the boys for a short walk in the brisk cold and then making cookies! What are you doing today?

I leave you a picture of my boys for your viewing pleasure. No offense to Reepicheep for stealing his memorial post.

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kspin said...

Wow! I'm on Sassy blog!

This is so nice and I am truly flattered! Thank you.

We all go through patches of suckiness and I'm sure this one won't last long for you. Keep your chin up! :)

btw, your boys are adorable!

Sister Sassy said...

Thanks for the nice words. I already feel tons better. I think this picture looks like two college kids hung over! lol!

Jen of A2eatwrite said...

It does kinda look that way, Sassy... lol!

And if this snow doesn't stop, I'm gonna need more than a nap.

Wade Huntsinger said...

There ought to be a law, everyone should have a nap each day after lunch!

Ashlee said...

Wow, I could have put this on my blog and it would've worked perfectly. I've been a mean mom all week because of being sick. But, taking naps wasn't working out for me. Until Thursday. Hallelujah! Felt much better. Lots of sorries to my kiddos this last week. Sigh. the pic of your boys. :0) Especially their little rocker shirts. Would HB approve? :0)