Sunday, March 9, 2008

And A Child Shall Lead Them

This is my kid four years ago.

When I found out I was pregnant, I was certain I was having a girl. We even had a name all picked out-Madeline.

Then I learned it was a boy.

I'm sure you can imagine how surprised I was. And how overwhelmed. I already had plans of tea parties and doll houses and prom dresses.

Now we needed to select a whole new theme for the nursery, come up with a name and adjust to the idea of fishing and football.

Look at this kid. He is sweet and special and a snuggle bug. He's 5 ("and a half, mom!") and loves to ski and ice skate and play soccer.

He also does the icky boy stuff like talking about farts and using the word "wiener". I hate that stuff.

He likes to read the book about how Jesus died on that "stick thing" and asks questions like where the heck does the Easter Bunny fit into the whole picture. Because while the sacrifice is important, that bunny has chocolate.

This kid has a huge heart and understands that he is lucky and some kids are not. He sets aside his toys and clothes to give to them, because he knows it's his job to help others.

He has developed a faith that I could learn from.

We stopped at a Goodwill store on a lark to see if there were any hockey skates in his size. I knew there wouldn't be. Anything of value is snatched up before it hits the shelf there.

As I turned the car off, I looked in my rear view mirror and saw Logan close his eyes and say "Please God let there be skates in my size, a hockey stick and shin guards. Thank you and I love you. Amen."

While I found that precious, my immediate thought was "Crap. Now I'm going to have to have the talk with him about how our prayers aren't always answered the way we would like."

Except Logan's was. Every single thing he asked for was there and in perfect condition.

So this kid also teaches me lessons. Every day.

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High Hopes said...

Sister Honey Bunch,

What a wonderful story. Miracles happen, even small ones when we least expect them. It just shows you what faith can do. Its interesting that children trust and have such faith. When they make the wish or prayer, don't think about the possibility of it not coming true. Adults on the other hand will say the prayer, make the wish, fully expecting it not to happen.

Makes me wonder if a child's utter confidence in their trust of faith is what is the difference between us? Adults will have the hope, but always doubt to go right a long with it.

I hope you shared this with Sassy, kind of goes with her monkey paw post.

Your wee boy has strengthened faith for some of us adults.

KathyLikesPink said...

What a fabulous story!

Kids are the greatest.

Wade Huntsinger said...

If we could keep that faith of a child. Nothing like it. For some reason we as adults through life become jaded and untrusting. Great story.

Ashlee said...

Awesome. I love how our kids can end up teaching US more than we teach them sometimes. Simple faith. I wish I could remember to have that more often.

Jen of A2eatwrite said...

All I can say is... wow.

Lisa xoxoxo said...

it's their unquestionable faith that I learn from daily!

Valarie said...

That is so awesome. To have the faith of a child.

By the way I tagged you and Sassy. :)

jennifer said...

AAWWWWwww! Point out to the little guy that the times that God doesn't give us exactly what we ask for, it can be because He has something even better in store for us. He knows what we need better than we do. VERY cute story and the kiddo is adorable.


Amy Beth @ Ministry So Fabulous! said...

Precious. I am so glad you shared. :)

Sarah said...

He's adorable! Thanks for sharing.

Sister Sassy said...

That kind of faith is great and I truly hope he can hang on to that. Maybe that was his first introduction to faith and God giving his love.

I do have a really strong faith, even if some of my posts make me sound like I'm afraid. I have unwavering faith that in the end of it all God will see that I am ok. I know this. I hope Logan will always know it too.

Jane the Sane said...

Wonderful! I love that God cares about the needs of a small boy that wants skates. Got doesn't always answer our prayers how we want but sometimes he does and it is great to hear about it.

painted maypole said...

so sweet. I know my daughter teaches me lessons when I least expect it.