Friday, March 21, 2008

Here Comes Peter Frumpin' Tail

Ya'll know what I'm going to talk about don't you? The Easter Dress. And oh. mah. gaw. the Easter Bonnet. Ladies. I know I'm walking on sacred ground. Your mama's mama bought you your first frilly pink Easter dress with all the pretty ribbons and the big beautiful bonnet. And thus began the tradition. But you were six. And now. Now? You're not six.

And you don't want to look like the Easter Bunny devoured a giant bag of cotton candy and threw up all over you. That is often the scene at Easter Sunday services and brunches across the country, now isn't it?

Grown women covered in pinks and lilacs and frills and ribbons and tulle. And wearing a big ol' bonnet. I just have to say that unless you are under the age of 10, or are at the Kentucky Derby, or are having tea with the Queen of England...don't wear wear a big ol' Easter Bonnet with a shiny ribbon tied around it.

You can still buy a special dress and get all gussied up to go honor the sacrifice of our Lord at church this Sunday. But let's do it a little bit different this year.

Say goodbye to these:

And try something more like these.

Aren't they pretty? I especially like that skirt.

If you're anything like me, you really don't want to buy something brand new.

Instead, I went to my favorite resale shop this week and bought this cute outfit. I love how the cropped pants actually hit me where they're supposed to. And would you check out how sweet that lining is
on the jacket? Mmmm hmmmm. I love it too.

Since it's still pretty cold here, this will do nicely for my Easter Sunday needs. I'll just pair it with a pretty cami with a little lace edging along the hem and some Sister Big (who really just calls Rachie Roo) approved shoes. This outfit was only $12.95. Can't beat that.

And here is what my little Logan will be wearing-also purchased at the resale shop for only $7.00. Won't he be handsome?

Now get on over to Fussy's for some Frump Fighting tips. And don't forget to scroll down and check out Sassy's latest edition of Fiction Friday.

And you have yourself a fabulous Easter. And if you wear a pink-lace-tulle-big-bowed get-up, I'll still be your friend. Just not this Sunday, mmm'k?

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Sarah said...

Where do I get a hat like that? It is going to be cold here this Sunday. I'm wearing winter still.

I still haven't shopped for my girls. What a terrible mom. I have two days. Maybe there will be some sales.

DaisyBug said...

We don't have the need for special Easter Attire here (we're going camping) - but your tips are very necessary... like a public service! :)

HRH said...

ooooo...super cute and appropriate. No Easter hat needed.

saintseester said...

That second dress looks exactly like a bridesmaid dress I wore in the 80s. It brings back memories of a horrible hair day.

I went to Target and got an oxford shirt for the boy for $7.00 and a pair of shoes for the girl ($12.00). She can recycle a dress from last year and he can wear that shirt all summer to church. Me? Uhhhh. I dunno. Will figure that out Sunday morning.

Dre the Texican said...

Good morning, Sister! I like your selections and love your little boy's outfit! Cute. Peanut is foregoing the dress and will wear a little pink and white seer sucker shorts suit. I will be wearing a dress, possibly frilly but not in that puffy sleeve way. Goodness gracious. I better not catch any of my other cool mommy bloggers wearing that mess either! Dre

Hairline Fracture said...

My mom loves to wear a hat on Easter, and every year she tries to convince me to wear one too. Even though the hats aren't NEARLY as hideous as the one you showed, I politely decline.

This year I'm wearing a skirt I already owned with a silk jacket given to me by a woman who paid a lot of money for it. Free is good!

{Karla} said...

drats... that hat looks just like mine...

*runs off to hot glue some more items to it to spruce it up*...

(BTW - the new do is FAB!!!!)

Melody said...

I love love love that yellow dress!!

Cute outfit you found - I find some of the cutest things at the thrift store...

Ashlee said...

I love that skirt too! All of your picks are fabulous! I've never bought myself an Easter outfit. I must start that tradition! :0)
My son has always got new church clothing from me for Easter too. Usually a shirt and tie or something similar to what you got for your son. Since having the daughter, I've had so much fun buying the frilly pretty dresses. Honestly, it's hard to find those that aren't pink! I'm getting tired of pink. She's obsessed. Oh well. She'll be darling. :0)
Happy Easter!

Valarie said...

Dadgumit!! Know I have to go find a new easter outfit!! That pink hat looks just like mine except mine is yellow, what will I wear now?

Baby Mamma aka Tamra said...

I could just take a bite out of that yellow dress.
Around here, Easter Sunday always always always means cold weather, even if it looked like spring the entire week before. Everyone looks really cute sporting their pastel attire with goosebumps.

Sister Sassy said...

I've never had an easter bonnet, I think I'd quite like one.

Jen of A2eatwrite said...

Our resale store really rocks - they have great stuff for really minimal prices. And with a fresh pair of hose and some payless shoes, etc., you can put together an outfit quite nicely.

Sister Big said...

I want a picture of Logan in that suit - how cute is that?

Anonymous said...

I just want you to know a few weeks I read the post where your friend suggested washing your hair every couple of days instead of every day.

As a woman who has battled oily hair most of her adult life I was petrified of trying her idea because I knew, just KNEW, my hair would be an oily mess. And it was for the first week and a half. And then, miracle of miracles, it started to stay clean and healthy and shiny looking for more than two hours. It looked like that after two days.

And it's soft. So soft! So, thanks for the advice.

Happy Easter!