Thursday, April 3, 2008

As I Gaze Into Mah Lovah's Eyes...

Sassy's mushy-gushy post yesterday got me to thinking. Tom and I don't gaze into each other's eyes very often. Well, unless I need him to help me fish out my contact lens. But I don't think that counts.

I am pretty certain that if we sat down with the intention of gazing into each others eyes it would result in a competition to see who could make the other person crack first. There would be nothing romantic about it. A contest of wills and the victor would rejoice in a highly obnoxious way. 'Cuz that's how we roll.

Case in point. Tom gets annoyed when I forget to turn the heat down before I leave for work. It's a simple thing, but I tend to forget a couple times a week. Or more. Whatever.

He'll call me while I'm driving to the office and act like it's just to chat with me. But I know better. He always ends our conversation asking whether or not I turned down the heat. (Which can really drive a girl nuts.) (And cause the girl to dread her husband's name popping up on caller ID when she has forgotten to do something.)

In a sicko kind of way I think Tom likes it when I forget. Because then he can lord it over me. You know, in a "Jeez, it's hard to always be right" oh-so-charming way.

This morning we engaged in this series of emails:

Aunt Joanie thinks we need to get a WII. She and Logan had so much fun together last night.

Sure. Did you turn the heat down? (Do you see how he's a big fat point-misser?)



I'm sorry. What are you trying to ask me?

I guess that means no.

Me: {delete}

That's right sugar. You stew on that all day long. I ain't blinking first.

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Sister Sassy said...


Valarie said...

Y'all are to cute. Our conversations are normally saying did you take the garbage out. Oh I wonder if he did that today its garbage day today. Well let me go call him.

sister Aquanetta said...

don't ya know?! But we let him be boss and still do what we want. Did you feed the dog? Better go do that.

Anonymous said...

Time to get an automatic thermostat, save the trama!!

Honey Bunch Is My Hero said...

You girls are so funny! Your blog is like a daily dose of therapy! Life's challenges seem a little less important after having a good laugh with the sisters! :)

Martha said...

Ha haaaaaa!!!

That totally sounds like a conversation that Zuddy and I have :)

Ashlee said...

We're a pretty sassy bunch in this house too. It makes life a little more fun don't you think? Boring old regular disagreements can turn into THE BATTLE OF THE STUBBORN. At least that's the way it is in my house. Actually, when we got married, I overheard his family telling someone else on his side that they were glad he found me, because I'd be able to keep him in check. :0) That's right....

becky said...

Just found your blogspot (yours and your sister's). You are too funny!

High Hopes said...

I can relate HB. My dh and I are a lot like this. Every morning on the way out the door he chimes in "Don't forget to turn down the heat" It makes me mental because we have an automatic thermostat that does it.

The stubborn train runs right through our house on its way to the City of one track mind.

Sandy C. said...

ROFL! I'm so sorry to laugh, but this post cracked me up :)

I'm with the anonymous comment. Get a auto thermostat :)

Amy said...

Oh this is so funny! Your husband and my husband have a lot in common. And I "get the dread" upon seeing P's name on my phone too if he calls at an odd time. Hum, what've I done??

Motherhood for Dummies said...

ha ha thanks for a laugh!

Anonymous said...

I don't have anyone to ask me if I turned the heat down so I'm with "get an automatic one and then you can talk about something else. Does save fuel, why heat the whole house when you can only heat it when you are there. Its like buying time on a cell, why buy the whole thing when you only pay when you use it.

Shalee said...

Ha! I'm a non-blinker too. (I annoys me that Mr. Right is always so... well, right!)