Tuesday, April 15, 2008

8 WEEK CHALLENGE Check-in, a Contest and a PRIZE!

Ok peeps, its time to get pumped up! Its only Tuesday but this is an early reminder to get your butt in gear or to keep your momentum through the week.

How have you done since Friday? Did you accomplish your goals for that week? How has this week started??

I did well enough over the weekend, I broke my one sweet a day rule but I didn't go crazy. I didn't run, but I ran 4 times during last week so I was happy. This week, however, I started out failing miserably in the running department. My goal is to run every day I can. And by every day I can I mean whenever JimmyEW doesn't work till 8am because he will take the boys to daycare.

I was supposed to run yesterday, I didn't. I got outside, looked sadly at the frost covered windows and knew I'd spend a good 5-10 minutes trying to scrape off the junk with my crappy broken scraper... so I wandered back inside and snuggled with my JimmyEW.

To make up for this failure I skipped my sweet for yesterday and now I have to run a day I can't run (funny, huh?) so that means I have to get up extra early and run outside by my house so I can get back before JimmyEW leaves for work. And I did run my two miles today, running through an awfully yucky side ache. But I did it!

Now, to my real question...and A CONTEST!! With an ACTUAL PRIZE!

To win I want you to write in your blog what your goals are for the challenge and I want you to say WHY they are your goals.

Make sure you leave a comment so we can all head over to your blog to read your goals.

If you don't have a blog, leave your goals in the comments section of our blog.


The winner will be picked from a hat of some sort and will get a burned CD of Sassy's Workout Mix. Its a great mix and it propels me through my running when I'm going to just keel over and die.

The winner will be announced Friday.

So I'll go first. My name is Sassy and my goals are:

1. Run every day I can

Because: I know exercise is the key for me and I know if I run at least 3 times a week I feel better and different. I also notice a HUGE change in my eating when I run.

2. One sweet a day

Because: I think I get a little crazy and lose control if I don't have rules. My rules seems easier to keep while I'm keeping my #1 goal so this one hasn't been much of a struggle for me. In fact I watched JimmyEW eating himself into a chocolate coma yesterday and hardly cared.

3. Write one creative piece a week

Because: I just feel happier when I'm being creative. And it helps me get junk out of my head, and I really have a great book in my head right now but I need to become more confident in my writing and that will only happen through practice.

I'm doing this because it will help me to like myself because we know we internalize our physical faults. And that is really important I think. I spent my 20's hating body and therefore myself and I'm done with that. Its time to live my life and be whatever I decide, not let others, food, externals decide for me. I'm remaking myself, I'm in a cocoon and I can't wait to become a butterfly because, I'm doing this!

Ok peeps, it's your turn. Why are you doing what you're doing, how will it make your life different?


Jen said...

Last week was TERRIBLE, but this week is off to a much better start. I've already gotten one of my runs and two of my strength training workouts completed, and I'm planning on doing another run after work today. Hubby is going out of town for work, so I should have plenty of time for writing. I posted my goals for this week on my blog! Thanks for letting me know about the contest!

Ashlee said...

Since we last did our check in....


Sigh. We had a death by chocolate girls night last THursday and my "everything in moderation" flew out the window. Hubby was gone all weekend and daughter wanted to make chocolate chip cookies. Guess who ate most of them? I told myself I was going to get back on track yesterday, but it's finals week for me and I am scared to death of failing, so I'm eating nonstop. {Yes, I'm an emotional eater} Sigh. I've gained back 2 of the 3 pounds I lost. I haven't exercised since I took the dog for a walk on Saturday afternoon. Sigh.

I think your idea to make me post it on my blog is great. Now I'll feel even more responsible for my actions because the local bloggers will actually see me and know if I'm making any progress. :0)

I want a Sassy Music Mix! If I don't win, you need to post the list of songs so I can get them on iTunes. :0)

Valarie said...

I have been on a pretty good gradual path. I fall off the wagon a little, but I get back on there. Drinking more water, trying to do more exercising. Also in the next week or so I will be starting a boot camp in the mornings with my friend April. I don't know if I should be excited or afraid. :\

Jen of A2eatwrite said...

I might have to post this a little later... I had a rant on my blog today, lol.

womaninawindow said...

I am with you with two of your goals. Exercising and being creative feed my soul, too. However, I like to feed my belly icing and chocolate for breakfast. You only live once. My goal is to try to see the glass 1/2 full always, even when juice is leaking onto my foot.

Sister Honey Bunch said...


1. Exercise 4 days. BECAUSE it will make me feel good, give me energy.

2. Continue eating HEALTHY foods and having a salad for one meal. BECAUSE garbage in-garbage out. The better I eat, the better I feel.

3. In bed by 10:30pm. BECAUSE it will give me more energy.

janethesane said...

I am going to post about this tomorrow! I need it in my blog not just in the comments here.

Sister Sassy said...

Ash and Jen, last week doesn't have to set the tone, let it be the exception. Jen, great start, Ash, I totally get the emotional eating. cookies are our only friends sometimes. Drop me a line if you ever need someone to talk you away from the bag of chocolate.
-and I'll post my song list and what I like about each song.

Valarie, you better blog boot camp so we can all be inspired. You'll do great!

Jen- LOVED your rant. I'm right there with you. I've written my senator recently, I need to do a little hand written note too ;)

WomaninWindow- Icing, like cookies, can be our friend lol. I like your half full thing, we could all do with some positive outlook.

HB- I'm sure Tommy will be happy about 10:30, let us know how the exercise goes.

Jane, I'll visit your blog for yours.

Thanks everyone who has commented so far. I hope this is helpful to you all.

kspin said...

Ok, mine will be posted by tomorrow morning. Too busy packing and ready-ing myself right now! Love this idea and I LOVE music! :) I'm glad you are getting a lot of running in. I'm proud of you!

saintseester said...

This week my goal is to set real attainable goals and a plan to get there. I sucked! I want to play along but I have several other things I need to write about on my place this week.

Sandy C. said...

I was doing really well up until Monday :( We're traveling this week out of town so I've been stress eating and not motivated to do much. My goal this week is to make it through our flights without losing my lunch, and trying to make better food choices while away.

kspin said...

Ok, my goals are here http://kspinning.wordpress.com/2008/04/16/feelin-the-love/ and I even sent some linky love your way!

paperjunk-lc said...

Since I'm just now jumping in on this challenge I'll start w/my goal.
My overall weight loss goal is 40 lbs. I'd like to have it off by my birthday of 8.15. Don't want to turn 46 and be this heavy.
So far 7lbs off.
***here is my daily mantra***
I have a party to go to Saturday night that I'm really looking forward to and I do plan on cheating a little so I plan on working out a little more this week.
Sorry for the long comment. Your challenge struck a cord with me!

Kendra said...

My goal is 10-15lbs. I would really like to lose it by the end of May. I need to start kicking butt to get that done. lol

I have been avoiding fast food. That has helped.
I have been heading to the gym....**Sigh** That is a chore!
My oldest child likes to go running with me. It makes for wonderful Mommy / Son time.

I am loving this challenge! Hope it helps me lose the weight and everyone else as well. Good luck.

Montay said...

These are my goals

1.I will drink only water

Ummm ya I need to drink water not soda and I need to drink water because it will be better for baby and my butt.

2.I will limit my portions
I do not need to eat like a horse or I will become one well I did eat like a horse and now I don't want to be one so I will stick to one serving of dinner no more and no less.

3.I will go to bed at decent time
I know most of us are moms and well once the kids go to bed I feel like it MY TIME and so I watch all th dvr stuff for the day and most night I eat and eat and eat and the stuff I eat is not good for me so I figure go to bed after the kids do and I won't be on the couch eating..
4.I will get on the treadmill and turn it on and stay on for at least 30 min three times this week!!
You see we have a treadmill it is about 8 years old and it still has the plastic on the control panel and my husbands pant visit the treadmill every night I am starting to think they want to lose weight more than I do. No can't be I will get on it and stay on it and work this baby fat off fo good!!

So there are the goals and I will check back in soon.

Lets do this thing thanks for the motivation..

Doodles said...

Hey Sisters! Love your blog. I have been lurking a while, and now it's time to come out of the shadows. I love a good challenge. My goals are posted on my blog. Hopefully, this is the kick in the pants I need to get started with living a healthy life! I hope I'm doing this comment/blog thing right! I'm a newbie to it all.

Sister Sassy said...

Everyone- great job making goals!! We'll be visiting you and declaring the winner on Saturday.

I think next week's mid week check in will have a whole new feel :) Be ready to participate, I'll be explaining it on Saturday.

Jane the Sane said...

Ok, I did my goals. Very humbled after reading everyone else's.

becky said...

O.K. - maybe, just maybe THIS will help me reach my goals...now that I've posted them on my blog for the whole world to see (o.k., for all four of you to see) whatever...