Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Slacker Moms Anonymous

Hi...My name is Sassy...and I'm a slacker mom.

I don't mean slacker in that I like to watch Oprah while eating Bon Bons and ignoring all my duties in life...which I do anyway... but like how I don't plan things until the last minute.

Take this beautiful little guy... my Boogs. He gets the shaft all the time. He is the second after all, so there is just more to take care of. Sometimes the special little things we did with Kiki just get over looked. Sad face.

But he knows I love him. He knows that I love the smell of his sweaty baby feet. Today I took off his socks and then he painstakenly repositioned himself so his feet were in reach. He lifted them to my nose without my prompting. He knows what his mama loves.

So I'm sure he knows that even though I didn't spend tons of time planning his 2nd birthday party, I love him. He doesn't know that I spent almost no time planning his party...or he might just change his mind about me.

In my defense, I was sort of waiting to see if we were going to be moving into a house (which hasn't happened btw). Having a super fun kids birthday party is no fun when everyone has to sit on each other for lack of space. And because it snowed on the beautiful day of April 12th, outside was out of the question. So we held Birthday Bash #2 at the BK playland.

Since I hadn't sent out any invites because I wasn't sure what was going to be happening, I resorted to the biggest, lamest, slacker mom move of all time. I hung up, on the back of the Daycare Diva's door by the sign in sheet, a hastily made Birthday sign up written on scrap paper! And I did it 4 days before the event. As you can guess, none of the daycare buds showed.

It wasn't a total wash. A friend from church showed with her son, HB and Logan came with Big Mama Jean and cousin Bree and Ms. Chic with her boyfriend graced us for a little bit. But the best part, the reason I'm happy I'm a slacker, is because I happened to run into a couple that I used to live by but had lost touch with. And, get this, they have two boys too! One is 4 months older than Kiki, one is 4 months younger than Boogs. Being a loser mom made it all worth it to reconnect. If I'd planned a proper party at the local kids gym or something, I may never have run into them.

And you know what? Boogs didn't care his shindig was on the fly. Just look at him here, see how happy he is!

The little time I did have, I used to make it special for him. That morning we made his favorite breakfast, then we dropped off Kiki so we could have some special Boogs time. That probably meant more to him than anything else that day.

...Well, except the Muppets Season 2 of course. We definitely took a backseat to that. When he opened that gift it caused some problems since he wanted to watch it right then and there in BK. We tried distraction, that didn't work and hiding it from him only caused him to spend a good 10 minutes crawling around the dirty floor trying to locate it. Wow, does he love his Kermit.

At his party he got a cookie cake, he got to play with his friends, and he got presents! What could be better than that? To a two year old, that is heaven I think.

So sure, I didn't spend a bunch of money on throwing a huge party at a fancy place with a clown and such. But he's two, he doesn't care, so I don't even feel bad.

Now I do sort of feel bad that he hasn't had any pictures taken since August. And that none of his Aunts and Uncles got copies of those pictures.

So, what is the worst slacker mom or dad thing you've done? Am I the only slacker out there? I know I'm not because my friend from church told me about this book
Confessions of a Slacker Mom

She said she would let me borrow it. It was funny because she said she thought about mentioning it to me before but she didn't want to offend. Lol! So I think I may be checking out this book and taking notes and trying to not be such a slacker mom.

If you want to read other bloggers complaining about the pressure to throw a really great birthday party, check out
Suburban Turmoil she came up with a pretty interesting birthday party for her four-year-old.

Well, I have to stop being such a slacker and fold some laundry, but in the mean time for your viewing pleasure, a picture of Kiki and Boogs enjoying one of the gifts Boogs got. Muppet Show Season 2. It MUST be danced to.

Sorry for the badly dressed Kiki and Boogs. Honestly, its not a slacker mom thing there. They just both had accidents at daycare and came home in wet or mismatched clothing. I had nothing to do with it. I swear!

8-week check in located above this post.

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Valarie said...

I don't think your a slacker, I mean you just described my life, so you must not be a slacker. I think you should say a Mommy with a lot of hats on. He looks pretty happy to me. :)

Anonymous said...

I love this post!

I was just telling a friend of mine last night that I was feeling incredible mommy guilt about Son #2's first AND second birthdays being very low key and rather lame (we were moving within a week of both his first and second birthdays...crazy times).

Then this morning she sent me a link to y'alls blog!

But you're right -- They just remember shoving cake in their faces and getting presents.

Ashlee said...

You think you're a slacker because you didn't throw an unneccessary bday party for a 2 year old? Sister!!!!! My son didn't get a fun party until he was 4. All the years before that were just family get togethers for some cake. That's it. He didn't care. He was too young to know the difference {And I had no money anyway}. My daughter is following in that exact same manner. Parties are A LOT OF WORK. They exhaust me. For months. Because I am anal and plan them two months ahead of time. {Can you see my losing my hair?} Sigh.
I'm a slacker mom too. Trust me. I need to be better at being a playful mommy. baby steps.....

Jen of A2eatwrite said...

Spontaneity is the spice of life! You're not a slacker mom - you're a Spontaneous Mom, and that's Special with a capital "S"! ;-)

Hairline Fracture said...

I agree with ashlee--parties for a 2 year old SHOULD be low-key. We invited 4 kids, ended up with 2 and my family, and Mr. Blue had a great time.

As for my slacker mom moments, I let my kids watch TV (not all day, but more than I would like) so I can have some "me" time. I feel guilty about it but I still do it.

kspin said...

Oh man. I have been the queen of slackers lately. Notice I didn't have any pictures of Pitter Patter's little thrown together party. There's a reason! :)

I've got to go think of some goals now and blog them!

Anonymous said...

I'm finally working my way through your back-posts. W00t! Getting there.
If that gorgeous look on his little face is the result of being a 'slacker mom', I'll take the slacker mom anyday!
With a giant cookie cake, that's too cool. Ain't doing a thing wrong as I can see...
You're surely not slacking in the love department, and at the end of the day that's what he'll remember... that and Kermit, of course =)