Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Hot Fuzz: No See TV PLUS Mid Week Check In

Ah...mid-week. I sit to write this after having indulged in a small ice cream cone with mashed peanut butter Oreos in it. Super yum! But I don't mind having a little ice cream here and there, its not about over indulgence for me, but small indulgences every day to keep me balanced. Its all about the planning.

I think that is key for me. Planning the days I will run, planning how long I'll run and how far, and planning when I will eat that piece of Dove caramel chocolate. Heaven. I discovered the importance of saving that little treat to the end of my day after I exhale out all the stress and craze that led me to wash not one, but two loads of laundry with no soap. Funny thing is, they seemed to have gotten clean. Note to self, stop wasting money on detergent.

So today I would like people to share in your blog, or the comments, how you've been doing and any tips or tricks you've learned along the way. Tips, I want tips people!

I've done very well, I am really pleased with how last week went, especially since the week before was a bust because of thick yellow stuff that attacked my nose.

I ran three times plus did my walk. I felt good about walking, walked with a woman I very much enjoyed talking to and walked for a higher purpose. I am also to the point where I said I would get my massage if the week goes well. That little treat has helped keep me motivated for my exercising, and here comes my tip.

Last week I talked about what you do for yourself. My tip is to pick something you really enjoy and reward yourself with it if you stuck with your goals. Whether it was exercising, eating right, completing a specific task or learning how to take off a coat.

What are your tips to help keep you motivated? What do you do when you want to lay down and die because you're so tired and the thought of taking another step makes you want to cry? How do you make yourself do it, even though you don't want to? How do you keep yourself focused on the end result versus your short term irritation or discomfort? How how how? Do share!

(How do I do it? I write a post the night before I post it telling you I'm going to do it, so when I'm dead tired and don't want to get up I do it anyway because the failure is that much more evident when I have to come in before work and rewrite my post to tell you I sucked)

If you want to leave a tip on your blog, Sign Mr. Linky below or leave it in the comments (to find out comments scroll ALL THE WAY DOWN past the movie reviews and click the Gimme Some Sugar). And keep reading for some reviews of my recent viewing habits.

And now it's time for NO SEE TV: Adventures in Life without Cable...or really any broadcast channels that come in.

This first movie is the best movie I have seen in a long time. I'm not talking Oscar best, but the glued to your seat, shooting pop out your nose spontaneous applause at the end, good. This movie is called HOT FUZZ. Hot Fuzz is written by Edgar Wright and Simon Pegg, the two guys who wrote Shaun of the Dead (an excellent movie I'll talk about in a minute) and staring Simon Pegg and Nick Frost (the two guys who starred in Shaun of the Dead).

Essentially Hot Fuzz is about a really excellent London cop who is too excellent and so is sent away where he won't make other cops look bad. He's paired up with the British Chris Farley/John Candy slightly dim fat guy type and an unexpected friendship begins.

However there is something very sinister in the sleepy little village and the friends have to come to terms with the truth behind the low crime rate and figure out how to deal with it. This movie was hilarious and exciting. Absolutely wonderful. Watch the trailer below and think about adding it to your list of things to rent.

And if you haven't seen Shaun of the Dead yet, you need to watch it. It's not your traditional Zombie movie. Its a really funny Zombie movie about two dim friends trying to survive during a zombie infestation, one trying to negotiate the sticky conflict between a romantic conquest and a best friend, the other just sort of along for the ride.

It's so funny that it isn't very scary. Just watch the clip below and keep in mind the girl they are laughing at is actually a zombie. This is one of my favorite clips and I also included the trailer because I can't choose just one!

And now, you may remember my review of Flight of the Conchords, but if not read this post. We just finished watching the end of season one and of course enjoyed it. But this was the absolute best scene of disc two, watch it and you'll see why.

We start the scene with Bret feeling angry and frustrated with some band politics. Extra Scooby Snacks to the commenters who correctly state what movie this scene is a spoof of.

I hope this quelled the hankering you have for knowing how I've been spending my time. So now you know, "and knowing is half the battle"
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Sister Honey Bunch said...

I have done OK. Just OK. Last night ...not so good. Back at it again today.

I'm a stress eater and I am stressed waiting to hear about the job. Therefore, I eat.

BOSSY said...

Bossy puts the P.S. in Tips.

(Here's how she keeps motivated: she doesn't.)

Ashlee said...

It IS half the battle! :0)

Um, totally a spoof of Footloose. It was bad dancing then, and it still is. :0)

Love the movie clips. I'll have to add them to my Netflix list. Thanks for the share!

As for my check-in...I'm doing just ok. Exercise has been my struggle. I only ran twice last week. My treadmill is out of commission until we can get my computer out of my bedroom, so I have to actaully go OUTSIDE. Scary, huh? I already posted my tips on my blog last week. For eating anyway. I have no tips for exercising, because, well, I suck. :0)

Sister Honey Bunch said...

Ashlee! I'm ready to throw down now. Nobody talks bad about Footloose or Kevin Bacon's dancing.

Sister Big said...

SS, I loved Shawn of the Dead. It was a movie I was not looking forward to watching, but Jill needed a movie friend one day and I was so glad I joined her. So, I'll have to add Hot Fuzz to my queue.
By the way, while trying to kill time in Vegas waiting to catch the red eye home, I watched Saving Sara Marshall. (I think that's the title) It was very cute and funny. I laughed right out loud several times. Just what I needed to chill out, laugh and then board a plane and fly all night.
Word of caution: The main character; full frontal nudity, not one, but three times. Totally unexpected. Good times.

Jen of A2eatwrite said...

I'm doing just okay right now, too - I'm with HB in terms of stress eating right now. I HAVE been eating healthy things and doing exercise - just eating too darned much.