Saturday, May 3, 2008

Hodge Podge: A Lazy Week in Review

Lazy week in review:

Someone more interesting than me today is Jane the Sane from Yesterday. This was a really good post that I totally understood. Its about fear and birth and death. Go check it out.

Someone who beats out Larry Mullins in my book as my boyfriend is Peter Gabriel. I think his voice is amazing. Here is one of my favorite songs by him, he's singing with Paula Cole I think. Some of my fav songs by him are of course, In Your Eyes, Mercy Street, Don't Give Up, Blood of Eden (when he sings Heeeeeeeeeeeeeey...I get all wobbly), Red Rain, the list goes on and on. Anyone know what's up with Youtube and Blogger? Jen has referenced having problems, but I don't know what sort. I couldn't get it to work this morning, so just click Blood of Eden and enjoy an auditory orgasm.

I've decided to join Weight Watchers on Wednesday. It's time to work on eating now that I know how to do the exercise. I'm hoping a friend from work will join me. I've done it before, I like it, I'm super excited about it!

uh...lets see, what else. I joined Facebook. I hadn't really ever planned to do that but my incredible church has started a group and I'd like to get to know more people. A little after I joined I asked my one friend to be my friend, he's from H.S. and we had fun times. Then another girl asked me to be her friend, I was friends with her in high school so I said, sure.

But then I got a slew of requests from people I hardly ever talked to in H.S and can't imagine sparking up a friendship now. I felt like I was a shiny new marble they were trying add to their pile. I sat on the requests for a couple days, not sure if I wanted to be added to their Facebook shelf. But oh well, whats the harm, right?

And finally, a picture I took this week. We had a little picnic by a lake near our home. It was super fun and I can't wait to get a little row boat and sit out there with them...when they're old enough to not try to jump in and drown themselves.

Kiki Monkey

Boogs Monkey

The Lake/Pond (is there a difference? A pond smaller or something?)

A cool tree by the lake/pond thingy

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Sister Honey Bunch said...

Dude. Why didn't you invite us on that picnic? Ruu-huuu-huuude.

Sister Sassy said...

Hellooo? We tried calling you but you ignored both phones.

Jane the Sane said...

I want to go on a picnic. Lovely pond. Thanks for linking to me!

Ashlee said...

Love the pictures. Especially banana boy. :0)
Good luck with the Weight Watchers! I hope it helps in your efforts! :0)

Valarie said...

This is totally not about what you posted, but from what I have seen I think Kiki looks like his daddy and Boogs looks like you. Is that what people tell you?

Sister Sassy said...

That is right on Valarie. Kiki looks EXACTLY like JImmyEW did at that age, and Sawyer takes after the sister family all the way. My hair stuck all over the place just like his does :)