Saturday, May 17, 2008

There's Nothing to See Here. Just Keep Moving Along.

Unless you are my son's aunt, uncle, cousin or grandparen, this post will bore you to tears. It won't hurt my feelings if you just click the little red box in the corner of your browser and come back again tomorrow.

If you stick around, thank you. And I'm sorry your life is so boring that you found reading this a better alternative.
OK. So here's Logan. In the backyard all alone. Because he's an only child and I can't always be his playmate.

He's waiting for his daddy to quit planting something, or digging some hole, or carrying some bricks somewhere.

Because then they can actually kick the soccer ball together, which is more fun than kicking it alone.

Logan dominated at soccer today. As much as an almost-six year old can dominate, that is.

My kid is every bit a sports fanatic. Obsessively so. He does indeed sleep while wearing his baseball mitt.

So, this is how we spend our week ends. Playing basketball (he beats me at HORSE often), tennis (he hits the ball as far away from me as possible), baseball and soccer.

We also ride bikes and go for walks. You'd think I'd be a skinny minnie. ~Le sigh~
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Valarie said...

Awww, look how cute he is with that glove on while he is sleeping.

Anonymous said...

*sneaks up behind you*

*giggles and runs away*

This may be one of those ideas that only works in theory. We'll see, I guess.

Jen of A2eatwrite said...

That's a hard thing to have a sports fanatic boy who just needs to PLAY all. the. time.

It's a great, healthy thing for him, though.

Any neighbor kid possibilities in the offing?

Ashlee said...

Way to go Logan! Good job dominating! :0)

I love kid sports. Looks like you've got yourself a true boy.