Sunday, May 11, 2008

Yo Mama!

Sassy and I want to wish our mom a very Happy Mother's Day. She put up with a lot of crap from us 8 kids and all our tag-along friends. Heck, even now she puts up with a lot.

It's not uncommon for one of us (usually me, Sisters Aquanetta, Seven or Sassy) to call and ask her to help us with something. And she usually says yes, and often has to fly to AL or drive up to Traverse City to do so.

Like planting my garden. Or watching Sassy's kids for the weekend. Or helping Seven decorate. Or taking Aquanetta's daughter to church.

So, we'd like to say thank you for all of that. And for stopping at #8. Because we ain't no Duggar Family thankyouverymuch.

Did ya'll know Michelle Duggar is is pregnant with baby # 18? Oh, yes she is!

We hope you all have a fabulous Mother's Day with you family!

Now, go open your presents and then sit out in the sun with a good book while your family makes you dinner. That's what I'll be doing anyway.

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Sister Sassy said...

OMG, When I saw that poster I laughed so hard. I don't know how her body is still it's not breaking down.

I was talking to a friend of mine who was telling me about how its not uncommon for families to have a gazillion kids in the little town she lived in for a few years. She said her husband's best friend was 1 of 20-something.

Hairline Fracture said...

Your mom was so cute! And it's amazing that she mothered eight kids (I won't even discuss the Duggars because just thinking about having that many kids makes me dizzy).

Happy Mother's Day to you both!

Wade Huntsinger said...

Happy mothers Day to all of you and may God bless this day.

Anonymous said...

Fifty-three years later, a few extra pounds [who's kidding who]and a lot of grey hair later, I am very happy with the eight kids God choose to give me. The seventeen grandkids are all awesome and I am very proud to be called Grandmajean or just Grandma. I would sit out in the sun today but its raining, duh.
I baked banana bread and cornbread last night for one of the 17 to take back to college with him and if I might say, "it was very good". I plan to read, work on the oldest grandchild's afghan and watch "The Forces of Nature" with Sandra Bullock.
Since all [16] of you are mothers I wish you a very peaceful and happy Mother's Day.

Jen of A2eatwrite said...

And Happy Mother's Day to you two and to your Mama!

kspin said...

Happy Mother's Day to two of my favorite moms! Hope you are enjoying your day.

Valarie said...

Look at your Mama. She is so cute. Happy Mothers Day Y'all :)

Tammy said...

That is TOO freakin' funny. I am worried about her uterus falling out at any second. Whoa be unto her when she sneezes, don't you think?

I love my two kids, but the good Lord knew that's all I could take.

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