Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Does this make me really pathetic, or just a little pathetic?

Tomorrow I'm meeting a bloggy friend and I"m very excited... unfortunately I feel a bit like a girl getting ready for an outing with a friend who is male who she really likes so she wants to dress with care and look good, without being overly obvious.
I was hoping my co-worker could help me with this problem. Thank God for interoffice IM or I'd be lost.

{10:15}Sassy: I'm excited to meet my Bloggy Friend tomrrow, tell me what I should wear. I want to look cute- I feel like a little girl

[10:15] Sassy: But what do I wear to meet my Bloggy Friend?

[10:16] Co-worker chick: i think you should wear clothes

[10:16] Co-worker chick: a bathing suit would not be appropriate

[10:17] Sassy: You are such a dork

[10:17] Sassy: lol

[10:17] Sassy: I'll have Jim pick something out for me then

[10:17] Co-worker chick: i am a dork

[10:18] Co-worker chick: this may come as a huge surprise...but i don't remember what clothes you have

[10:18] Co-worker chick: i am not Ms. Chic...she probably has your closet memorized

[10:18] Sassy: .... :(( you don't check me out each day?

[10:18] Sassy: I like your green capri pants

[10:18] Co-worker chick: you cannot have my pants...back away

[10:19] Co-worker chick: did you wear a brown shirt yesterday?

[10:19] Co-worker chick: straight across the bosom?

[10:20] Co-worker chick: you wore a different one recently that i thought was a bit too tight yet...i think it was blue...

[10:20] Co-worker chick: no skirts because you don't own a slip

[10:21] Sassy: Bloggy Friend might like my underware thankyouverymuch

[10:22] Co-worker chick: someone is a bit touchy today and just might have to walk to lunch.

[10:22] Co-worker chick: anyway...i liked the brown one

[10:22] Sassy: the brown shirt that you thought was too tight?

[10:22] Co-worker chick: no...i think that one was blue

[10:23] Sassy: the shirt that you thought was a little tight was a brown one that was right under the boobs and sort of peasanty looking... at least you said that to me. You're not talking about the shirt that makes me look pregnant, are you?

[10:24] Co-worker chick: lol

[10:24] Co-worker chick: i don't know

[10:24] Co-worker chick: i told you...i don't really pay attention...i thought it was dark brown, cut straight across, and scrunchied

[10:25] Co-worker chick: lol...maybe

[10:25] Sassy: that is my preg shirt

[10:25] Co-worker chick: i like that one

[10:25] Sassy: ...thats disappointing

[10:25] Sassy: lol

[10:26] Co-worker chick: wear your little sandinista outfit

[10:26] Sassy: thanks, I just don't like feeling like I look pg. is it because you like to check out the cleavage?

[10:26] Co-worker chick yeah...because i have none of my own and want to look at yours
[10:26] Sassy: you are pretty lacking in the booby area

So... she was no help. I guess Jen will have to just like me for who I am. But I'm pretty sure she'd do that anyway. I'm SO excited to meet her!

She gave this to us today, :) I'm supposed to give it to others, but since I am at work I'll have to do that tonight.


Valarie said...

Oh how fun!! Meeting a bloggy friend!! :)

That is such a funny conversation, reminds me of myself and a girl here at work.

Anonymous said...

That would be SO fun! :) Good luck!! I bet you will have a BLAST!!!

fishwithoutbicycle said...

Have fun :-)

Brother JimmyEatWorld said...

I bet 20 bucks that if you wear the wrong thing she throws up on you :P

Is this like the bloggy prom?

Jen of A2eatwrite said...

I went through the same thing tonight, but you're going to see me in what's comfortable to drive in for four hours. ;-)

I told D Jimmyew's comment and he said to reassure you I won't throw up on you no matter what.

Can't wait! (Uh... to meet you, not throw up).

Sister Sassy said...

I'm relieved, because since having kids my stomach has gotten weaker and if you hurled on me it might just spark a SNL/Monty Python Spew fest.

See you tomorrow!

Ashlee said...

You're not pathetic at all. I would be doing the exact same thing, growing more and more frustrated by the minute. I'm sure you will look fabulously SASSY! :0)

Kelsey said...

Oh what fun! Have fun with your bloggy friend!

Wade Huntsinger said...

Guys just don't get it I reckon. Is this a female thing or a northern thing. I met SGT DUB in person and next week I hope to meet Sarge Charlie and Miss Bee. I am what i am, a middle aged white boy who's chest has fallen towards his drawers. Even though I have lost a few teeth (in the back) and I must be too sexy for my hair cause it's falling out, my wife loves even more. Happy blog friend meting day...